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BEKA Schréder lighting and beyond lighting solutions bring meaningful moments to people in public spaces by enhancing safety, well-being and sustainability. Our experts in Lightability work with customers to co-create spaces that benefit people, the community and the planet.

Smart and sustainable lighting solutions For safe, pleasant and connected environments

BEKA Schréder Africa's leading manufacturer of luminaires and glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) poles

Market Leaders Africa’s leading manufacturer of Luminaires and Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Poles

Local Employment

B-BBEE Level 3

Our dedication to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment is an ongoing commitment. It includes skills development, socio-economic development and enterprise development.

200 +

Origin 1978: We commenced operations in Namibia. Our products became successfully established in neighbouring South Africa. 1981: We relocated to Olifantsfontein, a strategically positioned industrial town situated between Johannesburg and Pretoria.

2002: We entered into a partnership with the Belgian company Schréder, a multinational lighting company that is present in about 35 countries. 2013: We became a wholly owned Schréder company, allowing us to embrace the latest technologies, such as optimising light control technologies, for which Schréder are well renowned.

Inhouse R&D

Our success can be attributed to the research and development of our luminaire and pole ranges, ensuring the appropriate mechanical and thermal product integrity in the environmental conditions of the African continent.

BEKA Schréder became SA’s first lighting company to be awarded ISO 9001 certification. This commitment to quality became the company’s hallmark, enabling us to become Africa’s largest lighting manufacturer and market leader in exterior lighting. Currently, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Lighting Solution Offer

Motorways | Urban & residential streets | Squares & Pedestrian areas | Large areas | Industrial halls & Warehouses | Accent & Architectural | Bridges | Sport venues | Tunnels & Underpasses

Over the years, we have continuously found new ways to improve the energy efficiency of our products, and in more recent years developed smart city solutions to help cities become more connected and more resilient in the era of data. We help communities face their biggest challenges, making the world more sustainable. Committed to Sustainability












































































Your partner in sustainability

BEKA Schréder's dedication to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment is an ongoing commitment . It includes skills development, socio-economic development and enterprise development.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Verification Certificate Issued to

Beka Schréder (Pty) Ltd Level 3 Contributor Measured Entity

Schréder has developed a cohesive, company- wide sustainability strategy called “ Together for our Future ”. This commitment is structured around three axes encompassing the relevant prioritised UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability is embedded into our strategy, structure, processes and culture. At Schréder, we collaborate closely with our customers to develop robust and long-term solutions to meet the challenges they face, while adding value with a positive, lasting impact on society and the environment.

Company Name Registration Number VAT Number Address

Beka Schréder (Pty) Ltd 1981/005003/07

4840104931 13 West View Road

Olifantsfontein 1665

B-BBEE Status

B-BBEE Status Level

Level 3

Total Points Obtained

EO: 15.4 points; MC: 9.2 points; SD: 14.72 points; ESD: 46 points; SED: 5 points




Discounting Principle Applied

Participated in Y.E.S Initiative




Procurement Recognition

Being responsible for the planet

Empowering Supplier



Measurement Period Year End

Being responsible for the community by having a resolutely positive impact on society through our solutions.

by reducing our own and our customers’ environmental impact.

Black Voting Rights

Black Designated Groups Black Youth

10.01% Black Women Voting Rights



Black Economic Interest 51% Black Owned

10.01% Black Women Economic Interest



Black Disabled




30% Black Women Owned

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Black Unemployed




Black New Entrants


0.00% 0.00%


Exclusion Principle Applied

Black People Living in Rural Areas

Black Military Veterans

Issue Date Expiry Date

25/04/2023 24/04/2024

Certificate Number Version

ELC11848RGENBB Final

Amended Codes - Generic

Applicable Scorecard Applicable BBBEE Codes

Amended Generic Codes Gazetted on 11 October 2013 and Amendments Gazetted on 31 May 2019

EmpowerLogic (Pty) Ltd Reg. No. : 1995/000523/07 BBBEE Verification Agency

Per Marissa Smith Member - Verification Committee


SANAS Accredited

Being responsible by using innovation to continuously drive sustainability.


This certificate is the result of an independent and impartial verification of the BBBEE status of the measured entity measured against the Codes of Good Practice on Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and has been issued in accordance with the EmpowerLogic Verification Certificate Policy. This certificate supersedes any previous certificates issued to the Measured entity. For enquiries please contact EmpowerLogic at 086 111 4003.



National Presence

BEKA Schréder has seven branches nationally, enabling us to provide our customers with best-in-class lighting knowledge and service .

Head Office Export Branch - Africa

Gauteng Branch Industrial Branch Northern Branch

Cape Town Branch

Being part of the community

Durban Branch

Eastern Cape Region

Research & Development

Local strength with global reach

At our core lies the importance of the research and development of our luminaire and pole ranges, ensuring the appropriate mechanical and thermal product integrity in the environmental conditions of the African continent . This approach provides a sound product identity that generates growth and expansion into other markets and territories. Our products are used in many infrastructure developments, such as roads and highways, residential and commercial areas, and town centres as an integral part of urban renewal programmes.

Schréder is a multi-local company with world-wide brand recognition . ​ Schréder’s success is built locally with its employees, suppliers and customers. Our ambition has always been to establish ourselves on a long-term basis in the countries where we work. It allows us to retain a personal touch with clients and respond to unique local needs whilst bringing global experience to the table​. Our ambition is to Deliver an Extraordinary and Local Customer Experience.



Schréder Together Fund

In 2021, Schréder took the decision with the Schréder family to give a more structured approach to our philanthropic purpose by setting up a global fund , the Schréder Together Fund, in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation.

The goal is to work with non-profit organisations to support the communities in which we live and operate by: • protecting vulnerable users on the road and in the city; • improving lighting or safety in public or private spaces (parks, sports venues, hospitals, schools, etc.) in particularly disadvantaged places; • promoting entrepreneurship with young citizens in less privileged areas; • protecting the environment and act against climate change; • helping to train engineering and technology students and professionals in disadvantaged communities. Schréder employees are closely involved in the operation of the fund and can submit suggestions to help us decide which projects to support.

In 2022, the fund helped the following associations in South Africa:

Matolweni Early Childhood Development Centre

LED luminaires were donated to Matolweni Early Childhood Development Centre in Drayini Village, outside of Idutywa, Eastern Cape. The project has morphed from being an Early Childhood Development Centre to being a facility that offers adult computer skills training and a sewing facility, as well as a kitchen to supplement the nutritional needs of the local children.

Tshinapfene Village

A Solar lighting solution installed on glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) poles has been donated to the Tshinapfene Village in Limpopo, South Africa, with the intention of job creation within the local community, creating a safe environment for women and children , and visibility of pedestrians at night . This project’s goal is to promote rural development through strategic partnerships, combating poverty, and community upliftment by focusing on rural areas that are underdeveloped.



Solutions for maximised energy efficiency

Being responsible for the planet

SENSORS FOR AUTONOMOUS DYNAMIC SCENARIOS Photoelectric sensors switch on the luminaires exactly when natural light becomes insufficient (cloudy day, night fall, etc.) so as to provide safety and comfort in the public space. In places with little nocturnal activity, lighting can be dimmed to a minimum most of the time. By using motion sensors such as PIR sensors or radars (taking into account speed and direction criteria), levels can be raised as soon as a pedestrian or a vehicle is detected in the area.

Products designed for a circular economy

Schréder takes the circular economy into account, right from the offset. From the concept phase, design guidelines not only take into account the production and environmental impact of our luminaires. They facilitate removing components and increasing the standardisation of parts and the materials' separability once their working life is over. The Schréder Circle Light Label designates products that are optimised for a circular economy without compromising on quality. We assess our luminaires to evaluate their potential circularity through 12 objective criteria in 5 categories:

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Performance Maintenance Refurbishment Non-destructive disassembly Recycling

ADVANCED REMOTE CONTROL SYTEMS With its user-friendly remote control systems for intelligent lighting, BEKA Schréder integrates advanced features for programming the most efficient dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special events, seasons, etc.) while providing safety, comfort and a sense of well-being for people. We can integrate smart lighting applications such as the ability to adapt the colour of the light or build dynamic lighting scenarios through PIR sensors or radars. As they offer complete interoperability , our control systems can manage controllers/sensors and control luminaires from other manufacturers.



The luminaires are rated with a comparative scale from 1 star (least circular) to 4 stars (most circular). To support our customers in making an informed choice and developing a truly circular economy, only luminaires with 4 stars are granted a Circle Light Label.



As pioneers in lighting technology, our lighting solutions deliver the right light in the right place. We have developed numerous photometric engines over the years to provide the best solution for every project in terms of performance, comfort, desired outcome and return on investment. We constantly strive to innovate and develop solutions that are as positive for people as they are sustainable for the environment. We combine our technical and photometrical know-how to meet the most demanding lighting standards . A guarantee of the best photometric solution

Being innovative

The right light where, when and how it is needed

The art of smart lighting consists of putting the kind of light you request where you need it, and taking it away from where you don't require it and when you don't want it. BEKA Schréder is your partner for maximising the advantages of lighting while taking care of the environment and improving your operational benefit. With our modern and versatile technologies enabling a " Dim It, Aim It, Tone It, Change It " philosophy, we offer our customers complete flexibility to modulate light according to any environmental challenge.

High-power 2mm 2

Mid-power 2mm 2

High-power 2mm 2

High-power 2mm 2

High-power 2 or 4mm 2

High-power 2 or 4mm 2

LED type

PMMA lenses

PMMA lenses

Polycarbonate lenses

PMMA lenses PMMA collimators Aluminium reflectors


Lenses integrated in the PC protector

Flat glass or deep protector

Flat glass or PC protector

Flat glass or PC protector

Flat glass

Flat glass


Options (depending on luminaire)

Back light control Glare limiter

Back light control Glare limiter


Back light control



Where very asymmetrical beams and visual comfort are both required

All road, urban, tunnel applications and beyond

All road applications and beyond

All road applications and beyond

Typical applications

Continuous line lighting in tunnels

Floodlighting and large areas

Number of optics









The right colour temperature at any time

With its PureNight concept based on high-end lighting designs with state-of-the-art photometrical platforms and aiming accessories, Schréder offers the ultimate solution for bringing the night sky back without switching off cities. With Schréder PureNight solutions, you can direct the light only where it is wanted and needed . PureNight: dark sky, bright ideas

To choose is to forsake. When it comes to deciding which colour temperature you will opt for, it is never a happy moment. You know that a colder white light optimises performance while a warmer one is more preferable to people and animal natural cycles. What if you didn’t have to choose? The Schréder FlexiWhite solution offers you the freedom to use the right colour temperature at any time.

Whether it relies on pre-programmed scenarios, works with the our remote control systems, uses sensors or a mix of all three, the FlexiWhite solution offers you the flexibility to provide the right level with the right colour temperature at the right place and the right time.

CASE #1 Preservation of nature,


Nature-friendly, minimal safety lighting

promotion of active mobility Environment: Bike/pedestrian path FlexiWhite solution: Amber as default, 3000K upon detection.






people detection, maximised safety and comfort (high visibility)






8 H 9 H 10 H 11 H 0 H 1 H 2 H 3 H 4 H

5 H 6 H 7 H 8 H


CASE #2 Attractiveness, ambiance and circadian rhythm Environment: City centre FlexiWhite solution: 2200K, 3000K and everything in between.

Early evening/ early morning Stimulating atmosphere 3000K – 30lux

2700K – 20lux

Evening/early night Quieter ambiance


2700K 2200K

Night Completely calm mood 2200K – 5lux




8 H 9 H 10 H 11 H 0 H 1 H 2 H 3 H 4 H 5 H 6 H 7 H 8 H



Complying with the strictest environmental regulations

Each country, if not each region, has its own environmental regulations. They can be more or less strict and focus on certain specific criteria. All of them are largely inspired by the EU green public procurement policy for road lighting, issued in 2019.

Regulation strives to: Limit ULOR to max. 1%;

Reduce glare: at least 95% of the light emission is confined to angles below 14.5 degrees from the horizontal; Restrict the emission of blue light with CCT <3000K; Restrain the amount of light to less than 35lm/m 2 ; Prohibit intrusive lighting towards dwellings and any kind of lighting of waterways and the sea.

Preserving the ecosystem

The PureNight certification software developed by Schréder guarantees that your lighting solution satisfies environmental laws and requirements . Schréder has its own certified laboratory and is also endorsed by numerous independent certification bodies.

Fauna and flora can suffer from high light intensity, the colour spectrum (blue light) and excessive lighting over time. Only experts can minimise the disturbance to the different species of fish, insects and endangered animals . Trees and hedgerows are natural environments for bats, while rivers and canals are also important for foraging. Certain species of bat are very sensitive to light. Light pollution, i.e. excessive lighting and uncontrolled light spill, contributes significantly to insect mortality. The Schréder PureNight photometry meets dark- sky specifications (0% ULOR and 2200K) and takes advantage of accessories (backlight control and glare limiter) to focus the light only where it is needed. Schréder’s FlexiWhite solution combines dimming and colour temperature changes according to fixed or on-demand scenarios with sensors for safe and environmentally-friendly lighting . The IP 66 design of our luminaires prevent insects from entering and being captured in the housing. With low driving current, the outer surface of the housing maintains a low temperature, preventing insects from dying from the heat. With the right luminaire design, photometry, colour temperature and dimming scenario, we protect wildlife and contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem.




BEKA Schréder offers a full-scope service. Our R&D team ensures that our lighting solutions are engineered for performance and designed for customer satisfaction. Our in-house lighting design team assists you to ensure that the right product is chosen for your application, ensuring that the most energy-efficient solution is chosen, providing light exactly where it is needed .

In-house design

Customer feedback plays a critical role in our innovative design process and we are continuously extending and improving our ranges. Yet, sometimes, our customers face specific technical constraints. Our in-house custom design team takes up the challenge, engineering dedicated solutions that match the same high quality as our standard luminaires. We tweak and optimise features to meet our customers’ own technical preferences . These solutions, which meet specific individual requests, are designed to enable mass production, if needed.

Custom solutions

Stellenbosch Walkway - SOUTH AFRICA

From concept to solution We offer an extensive range of high-quality LED luminaires, most of which are locally designed and manufactured, making them the best suited for African conditions. Our focus is on designing sustainable LED solutions, by making our designs future-proof. We understand the importance of renewable energy solutions, and provide various solar-powered indoor and outdoor lighting products.



Solutions providing benefits beyond lighting

Innovation and inspiration for smarter cities

With Schréder Hyperion, Schréder is shaping the evolution of smart cities.

More than 70 experts in cloud computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, IoT and data analysis are working closely with customers to unlock the potential of urban infrastructures to address significant society challenges.

Located at the Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) in Carcavelos (Lisbon region), a brand new university campus, Schréder Hyperion aims to plan urban spaces, repurpose existing infrastructure and develop luminaire-based digital systems.

Schréder Hyperion provides practical information, training and solutions, to facilitate the transition to smarter and more sustainable cities. This centre of excellence is strategically based in the Lisbon area to take full advantage

of the strong tech talent. The city boasts a remarkably high number of qualified engineers per capita and so Schréder Hyperion seeks to leverage the thriving international tech ecosystem through collaboration and the implementation of research initiatives.

“Schréder Hyperion builds on Schréder’s century-long experience, knowledge and engineering to support cities with a specialised portfolio of relevant smart city solutions. In addition, Schréder Hyperion works with partners across the world, to complement today’s products and create additional opportunities for cities.”

Schréder smart and connected solutions

NICOLAS KEUTGEN Chief Innovation Officer at Schréder





years of experience

connected light points





THE SKY IS THE LIMIT With EXEDRA, Schréder has developed a future-proof platform that combines the constant need to address new challenges and to evolve with technology. Schréder relies on open standards and protocols to design an architecture able to interact seamlessly with third-party software and hardware solutions.

AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME Schréder EXEDRA includes all the advanced features needed for smart device management, real-time and scheduled control, dynamic and automated lighting scenarios, maintenance and field operation planning, energy consumption management and third-party connected hardware integration.

Your city as smart as you want

Schréder EXEDRA is the most advanced lighting management system on the market for controlling, monitoring and analysing streetlights in a user-friendly way. It is the right tool for aligning value with short- and mid-term targets while sustaining a long-term vision.


Schréder EXEDRA is a plug-and-play solution that enables quick and easy deployment of a connected lighting network. An intelligent automated commissioning process recognises, verifies and retrieves luminaire data in the user interface.


GREAT INSIGHTS, GREAT DECISIONS Data is gold. Schréder EXEDRA provides this with all the clarity managers need to drive decisions. The platform collects massive amounts of data from terminal devices and aggregates, analyses and intuitively displays them to help end-users take the right actions .

> Remote control to maximise energy/maintenance savings while providing the right light to keep people safe and comfortable at any time in outdoor environments > Technology-agnostic platform: shared and open technologies to unlock complete interoperability > Plug-and-play solution > Intuitive and comprehensive City Management System for smart device management > Fully customisable user interface with personalised dashboards > Data collection, aggregation and analysis for decision-making based on practical visualisation and reports

PROTECTED ON EVERY SIDE Schréder EXEDRA provides state-of-the-art data security with encryption, hashing, tokenisation, and key management practices that protect data across the whole system and its associated services.

ISO 27001 BUREAU VERITAS Certification



Standardisation to enable custom IoT solutions

Our ecosystem partners for technology-agnostic solutions

The Schréder EXEDRA system architecture is designed to interact with other software and hardware solutions seamlessly. How is this possible? Unlike proprietary systems that prevent interoperability and generate vendor lock-in or expensive proprietary integrations, Schréder EXEDRA is a complete solution based on open standards and protocols.

This interoperable platform ensures that customers can connect existing or third-party systems/ devices to Schréder EXEDRA and even means that we are open to working with our competitors.

Schréder plays a key role in driving standardisation with alliances and partners such as uCIFI, TalQ or D4i. Our joint commitment is to provide solutions designed for vertical and horizontal IoT integration . From the body (hardware) to the language (data model) and the intelligence (algorithms), the complete Schréder EXEDRA system relies on shared and open technologies.

The end of proprietary wireless communication networks for smart cities and utilities The uCIFI Alliance is open to any industrial company, consulting firm, end customer, public authority, utility and other entity, that is committed to developing open, non-proprietary solutions to unlock the smart city and smart energy markets.

The global smart city protocol The TALQ Consortium aims to define a globally accepted smart city protocol for central management software, to configure, control, command and monitor heterogeneous smart city device networks.







Interoperability of luminaires, sensors and/or communication nodes The Zhaga consortium joined forces with the DiiA to produce a single Zhaga-D4i certification that covers all the critical features including mechanical fit, digital communication, data reporting and power requirements within a single luminaire, ensuring plug- and-play interoperability of luminaires (drivers) and peripherals such as connectivity nodes.

Open, flexible and secure cloud computing services

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services provided with the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance and regulatory compliance. Microsoft Azure offers the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using customers’ favourite tools and frameworks.



FULLY CONFIGURABLE DASHBOARD Customise your working environment: add, move, resize and organise widgets for each and every stakeholder’s personal dashboard.

AUTOMATION Take advantage of the Schréder EXEDRA automation centre to easily customise advanced sequences of automated actions based on the conditions and rules you have defined. USER MANAGEMENT Distribute roles and rights to all project stakeholders according to their missions and responsibilities. MULTI-TENANT Configure and manage different zones independently. Thanks to Schréder EXEDRA multi-tenant architecture, contractors, utilities or big cities are able to segregate areas. APPLICATION SOLUTION Connect different types of hardware from various manufacturers to the EXEDRA UI. This applies to both light control and other applications: environmental monitoring, smart water, smart grid, smart parking, smart waste and more.

INTEGRATED INVENTORY AND DEVICE MANAGEMENT Retrieve, create, edit or delete luminaires, cabinet controllers, meters, electric cables, sensors and more.


Stay connected to your network. Navigate on a map view to check key performance indicators and device statuses, and manage them when needed.

LIGHTING SCHEDULES Program your lighting. Create and edit your dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special occasions, season, etc.). Assign these rules to configurable groups of luminaires.

DYNAMIC LIGHTING Maximise your benefits by associating sensors with groups of luminaires to trigger pre-defined lighting scenarios.

REPORTS, ALARMS AND DATA ANALYTICS Anticipate and react in real time. Configure warning messages, get useful insights using the reports. Take advantage of aggregated data to make informed decisions.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION MANAGEMENT Keep bills under control. Monitor, meter, compare. Schréder EXEDRA provides all the relevant features to help you improve energy efficiency.

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TICKETING SYSTEM Organise field operations through a fully integrated ticketing system that will help you optimise your asset management and maintenance.



Any time, any place, connect to your street lighting with the Schréder EXEDRA App

The Schréder EXEDRA mobile application offers the essential functionalities of the desktop platform, to accompany all types of operators on site in their daily effort to maximise the potential of connected lighting.

> Perform a test procedure to check any connected luminaire > Set alarms, create tickets and assign them to maintenance operators > Control and adjust your luminaires in real time

> Commission your connected luminaires quickly and easily > Search for any connected luminaire, using geolocation, a unique ID or a QR code > Manage your assets (add/edit any critical information in the database)




OWLET IV: the state-of-the-art wireless controllers designed for EXEDRA

> Auto-commissioning: easy installation and plug-and-play > Auto-geolocation: GPS-location detection and time synchronisation > Real time dynamic lighting: mesh technology to broadcast sensor triggering event locally within a cluster of luminaire controllers > Last gasp messaging: power outage detection allowing a last message when power cuts off > Asset management: asset data import > Tunable white: ability


OWLET IV luminaire controllers operate Schréder’s luminaires and luminaires from third parties. They offer easy installation and have fast plug-and-play commissioning. OWLET IV controllers use both cellular and mesh radio networks, optimising geographical coverage

cybersecurity mechanisms to protect the deployment in the city and provide accurate power outage information to the city’s streetlight managers. OWLET IV controllers are managed with EXEDRA, Schréder’s advanced smart lighting management platform.

and redundancy for continuous operation . DATALIFTs use mesh network to aggregate information from a cluster of MESHNODEs, and forward this on to the IoT platform using cellular connectivity. Among other features, OWLET IV controllers use advanced

to control luminaires with variable colour temperature



Connected with


FEATURES > Hybrid architecture: local mesh (MESHNODEs and DATALIFTs) and cellular communication (DATALIFTs) > Gateway-less hybrid network architecture using WI-SUN mesh network & cellular connectivity > Built-in GPS and built-in photocell to control each luminaire based on local ambient light level

> Embedded self-test capability to check installation > Offers responsive light-on-demand use cases triggered by local sensors > Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update > End-to-end encrypted communication





Maximising both savings and safety

Future-proofing the investment

Schréder EXEDRA enables the creation of lighting scenarios including the most efficient dimming profiles and light-on-demand features based on sensor detection. The selection of sensor(s) to which the luminaires react and the associated configuration parameters (i.e. trigger activation delay, hold time) are easily assigned to luminaire controllers. The detection events generate useful data for decision-making regarding future investments and priorities.

Schréder EXEDRA unifies the lighting network thanks to its ability to control nodes plugged into Zhaga/NEMA sockets and luminaires from multiple manufacturers. With an API, EXEDRA can interact with third- party asset management systems to merge the whole scheme into a unique, modern, insightful and user-friendly platform.

Backing the city branding

Protecting wildlife

Schréder EXEDRA not only provides real- time monitoring of connected urban assets such as luminaires, litter bins or public WiFi. Thanks to its automation centre, you can define conditional rules, set up alarms and automate ticketing to optimise on-site maintenance operations. All IoT devices using the same open standards for data and communication can seamlessly integrate into the platform. And, of course, in these iconic places, lighting can be adapted according to specific schedules to support special events.

Schréder EXEDRA provides a flexible control solution that enables the creation of various clusters of luminaires programmed with specific scenarios for dimming and colour temperature changes. On installation, the system imports all information related to the luminaire configurations chosen after a careful lighting study. This asset inventory feature enables the implementation of solutions optimised from a design and control point of view.



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