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Schréder a jeho partner Sunna Design zpřístupňují potenciál solárního osvětlení pro vaše projekty

Cutting-edge solar lighting solutions

Why solar lighting?

Abundant, carbon-neutral energy

Increased energy security

Off-grid lighting reduces vulnerability to energy price fluctuations or network disruption and decreases pressure on energy demand, which benefits the whole community.

Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on Earth as it constantly receives approximately 173,000TWh of energy from the sun. This is more than 10,000 times the world’s total energy consumption.


Equity among citizens

Low installation and operating costs

The electricity grid is not necessarily available everywhere. However, this is no reason to deprive a part of the population of safety and comfort after dark.

Solar lighting does not require heavy infrastructure work (no underground cabling needed). Its installation and commissioning are more straightforward, with a reduced impact on the environment. And, as it is off the grid, the operating costs are virtually zero.



Schréder & Sunna Design partner to unlock the potential of for your projects. solar lighting

Experts in Lightability TM

Leader in solar lighting

As the leading independent outdoor lighting solution provider worldwide, Schréder believes that lighting can empower people, impact lives, support communities, and transform spaces, cities and the planet. Schréder is an expert at using light to its fullest potential, to bring meaningful moments to people in public spaces. Our lighting solutions deliver the right light in the right place, at the right time and in the most sustainable way possible. Schréder has developed numerous photometric options, to provide the best solution for every project in terms of performance, efficiency, comfort, desired outcome and return on investment. Schréder has been bringing the world to light since 1907.

Founded in 2011, Sunna Design is the leader in solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications, with solar street lighting being its core business. Its unique know-how revolves around the complete mastery of technologies for solar energy generation, storage and management. With many patented innovations, Sunna Design offers high quality ‘Plug and Play’ solutions that stand out for their remarkable robustness, durability, recyclability and unequalled performance in hot, temperate or cold climates.


2 studies to maximise your benefits

Harvest as much solar energy as possible Our experts support you during every stage of your project. We analyse all key criteria to select the solutions that are most suited to your project requirements. To design your efficient solar lighting solution, we take into account numerous factors:

• Site latitude • Orientation of the installation

• Installation direction • Climatic conditions • Potential solar shading


Make the best use of every available watt As the amount of available energy is limited by the battery capacity, it is crucial to maximise the use of every lumen that the system is able to generate. A comprehensive lighting study is necessary to maximise energy efficiency while providing the appropriate light distribution for the project. Our lighting study is based on various parameters that influence the choice of light distribution, colour temperature and dimming scenario.

• Applicable norms and standards • Lighting class • Light pollution requirements

• Environment to be lit (width, surface, use, etc.) • Installation layout (height, spacing, overhang, etc.)


A smart lighting package From seafronts to secondary roads, bike paths, parks, commercial facilities and residential streets, solar lighting has become a truly beneficial and sustainable alternative to traditional grid-powered lighting. Schréder EKINOX powered by Sunna Design sets new standards for quick and easy deployment of lighting solutions based on renewable energy.

Frameless solar panels Converting solar energy into electricity.

Battery Storing the electricity produced during the day and powering the luminaire at night.

In-built electronics

Controlling the luminaire (ON/ OFF, smart dimming, detection scenarios, etc.) and managing battery charging and discharging to maximise battery life and prevent blackouts.


Adjustable mounting Integrated tilt adjustments to maximise solar energy harvesting.

State-of-the-art luminaires Providing cutting-edge light distributions to make the most of the available energy.

Optional PIR sensor Overriding the dimming profile to provide a higher light intensity upon presence detection.


Available solar kits




2 panels 776x350 | 31x14

4 panels 776x350 | 31x14

1,000x350 | 39x14

Solar panel dimensions (mm | inch)

Weight (kg | lbs)

13 | 28.6

23 | 50

47 | 103

Aerodynamic resistance (CxS)

0.40m 2

0.62m 2

1.24m 2

Mounting type (solar kit)

Post-top Ø60mm

Post-top Ø60mm

Post-top Ø76mm


80Wp (2x40Wp)

160Wp (4x40Wp)


Tilt settings (steps)

5°, 25°, 50°

10°, 25°, 40°, 50°

0°, 20°, 30°, 45°

Maintenance-free NiMH Maintenance-free NiMH Maintenance-free NiMH

Battery type




Battery capacity

-40°C to +70°C -40°F to +158°F

-40°C to +70°C -40°F to +158°F

-40°C to +70°C -40°F to +158°F

Operating temperature

Luminaires equipped with LensoFlex ® 4 20 LED photometric engines

Luminaires equipped with LensoFlex ® 4 20 or 40 LED photometric engines

Luminaires equipped with LensoFlex ® 4 40 or 80 LED photometric engines

Compatibility with Schréder luminaires



The right light for your project Thanks to its LensoFlex ® 4 photometric engines developed around performance, compactness and versatility, Schréder offers a wide range of light distributions, colour temperatures and lumen outputs to meet the precise needs of your project, while maximising energy efficiency, visual comfort and protecting the environment.

Optics Type

Typical applications

Asymmetrical ultra-narrow

Bike paths


Asymmetrical narrow

Residential streets, seafronts


Asymmetrical medium

Squares and pedestrian areas, parks


Asymmetrical wide

Squares and pedestrian areas, parks


Squares and pedestrian areas, parks, car parks, playgrounds, recreational sports fields

Asymmetrical extra-wide


Asymmetrical ultra-wide

Car parks, large areas, playgrounds, recreational sports fields


* This is just a selection of the photometrical solutions available. For more information, please visit or contact your sales representative.


Typical lumen output without dimming (100%)

Typical lumen output with

LED count

Solar kit

System efficiency

temporary overdrive*

Up to 180lm/W

20 LEDs




20/40 LEDs




Up to 180lm/W

40/80 LEDs




Up to 180lm/W

* Upon detection with a PIR motion sensor


Dimming scenarios Without detection


At nightfall, the luminaire is switched on at 50% of its maximum output for 3 hours. It then reduces its output to 15% to provide safety lighting throughout the night. At sunrise, the light output returns to 50% for one hour before the luminaires switch off.




0% 15%

With motion detection in places with little nocturnal traffic At nightfall, the luminaire switches on at 50% of its maximum power for 3 hours. It then reduces its power to 12% to ensure safety lighting throughout the night. At sunrise, the light output returns to 50% for one hour before the luminaires switch off. Throughout its operation, the dimming scenario can be overridden by motion detection (car, bike or pedestrian) with the light level rising to 100% for a short period. It maximises visibility to ensure safety and well-being for users. 50% 100% LED 3h 1h 0% 12%

With motion detection in popular places

At nightfall, the luminaire is switched on at 20% of its maximum output for the whole night. When movement is detected (car, bicycle or pedestrian), the lighting level is temporarily increased to 100% to provide maximum safety and comfort to users. This dimming profile allows up to 450 detections per night.

100% LED

0% 20%

* This is just a selection of the dimming profiles available. We can customise the dimming scenario according to the requirements of your project.

Smart dynamic lighting profile to prevent blackouts As the level of charge in the battery when the luminaire is switched on can vary according to the energy accumulated during the day, it is important to manage energy use intelligently. The on-board electronics divide the night into three parts and adjust the light level as necessary to avoid a blackout situation.


Typical applications • Bike paths • Residential streets • Seafronts • Squares & pedestrian areas • Parks • Car parks • Playgrounds • Recreational sports fields • Large areas


Straightforward implementation Schréder EKINOX powered by Sunna Design is designed for simple on-site deployment and easy adjustment for optimal results.

Standard fixation

The UP solar kits come with post-top mounting for Ø60mm (UP1 and UP2) or Ø76mm (UP4) spigots. Together with its partners, Schréder offers complete solutions, including the appropriate reinforced poles and brackets according to the EN40 calculation and with CE marking.

Solar panels with adjustable tilt angle

The solar panels can be tilted to the most favourable angle (according to the solar study), from 0 to 50°, depending on the selected UP kit. The connection to the luminaire is made by a cable (power and control) equipped with coded connectors to avoid any installation errors.


Independent luminaire settings With the luminaire being separate from the solar kit, the adjustment options are independent in order to optimise the photometry and the detection area if the luminaire is equipped with a PIR sensor. Schréder luminaires offer a wide range of tilt settings.

Easy commissioning & diagnostics

With its built-in status indicators, the solar kit enables the initialisation process to be monitored, day and night detection, Bluetooth TM connection status, alarms and sleep mode.

On-site system settings

Although it must be defined when ordering, we can update the dimming profile and override the properties of the PIR sensor on-site, using the Sunna mobile application and a Bluetooth TM connection to the solar kit.


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