Schréder - Osvětlení na solární energii

Straightforward implementation Schréder EKINOX powered by Sunna Design is designed for simple on-site deployment and easy adjustment for optimal results.

Standard fixation

The UP solar kits come with post-top mounting for Ø60mm (UP1 and UP2) or Ø76mm (UP4) spigots. Together with its partners, Schréder offers complete solutions, including the appropriate reinforced poles and brackets according to the EN40 calculation and with CE marking.

Solar panels with adjustable tilt angle

The solar panels can be tilted to the most favourable angle (according to the solar study), from 0 to 50°, depending on the selected UP kit. The connection to the luminaire is made by a cable (power and control) equipped with coded connectors to avoid any installation errors.


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