Schréder - Osvětlení na solární energii

Schréder & Sunna Design partner to unlock the potential of for your projects. solar lighting

Experts in Lightability TM

Leader in solar lighting

As the leading independent outdoor lighting solution provider worldwide, Schréder believes that lighting can empower people, impact lives, support communities, and transform spaces, cities and the planet. Schréder is an expert at using light to its fullest potential, to bring meaningful moments to people in public spaces. Our lighting solutions deliver the right light in the right place, at the right time and in the most sustainable way possible. Schréder has developed numerous photometric options, to provide the best solution for every project in terms of performance, efficiency, comfort, desired outcome and return on investment. Schréder has been bringing the world to light since 1907.

Founded in 2011, Sunna Design is the leader in solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications, with solar street lighting being its core business. Its unique know-how revolves around the complete mastery of technologies for solar energy generation, storage and management. With many patented innovations, Sunna Design offers high quality ‘Plug and Play’ solutions that stand out for their remarkable robustness, durability, recyclability and unequalled performance in hot, temperate or cold climates.


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