Schréder STUDIO to wsparcie techniczne dla konkretnego wymagania Klienta. Schréder SIGNATURE – projekty na zamówienie aby zrealizować Twoją wizję!

Customised solutions to deliver your vision


Creating your custom solution While our standard lighting solutions are engineered for performance and designed for customer satisfaction, we regularly receive requests for a bespoke touch or a more unique solution. Schréder STUDIO comes into play to deliver a bespoke solution that fulfills customer expectations and environmental specifications.

From stock... or not!

Customer feedback plays a critical role in our innovative design process and we are continuously extending and improving our ranges. Yet, sometimes, our customers are facing specific technical constraints. Schréder STUDIO - our in-house custom design service - takes up the challenge, engineering dedicated solutions that match the same high quality as our standard luminaires. Schréder STUDIO tweaks and optimises features to meet our customers’ own technical preferences. These solutions, which meet specific individual requests, are designed to enable mass production, if needed.


Full-scope service

Our efficient and transparent process delivers quality custom products in a short time. It all starts with a feasibility study and a cost assessment. The design phase explores every possible way of delivering the result. We work with multiple software packages to provide the calculations and visuals to facilitate validation. To ensure that the final product will meet expectations at every level, we use rapid prototyping to test the functionalities. This allows stakeholders to explore the fine details while enabling us to propose improvements for the final design.


The expertise of Schréder STUDIO also includes retrofitting existing luminaires or the complete re-creation of heritage lanterns with modern and connected LED technology. Whether customers are looking for lanterns for castle grounds, luminaires for an eastern style bazaar or a customised fixture, we can create tailor-made solutions to suit their specific needs. With the support of our Kandeláber team in Hungary, we transform their ideas into reality, even if they are just based on a few sketches. Put your thoughts on paper, send us your drawings or an old photo and we will design and develop your concept. Customisation, retrofitting or re-creation



The opportunity to be unique

While Schréder STUDIO is mainly about developing the bespoke luminaire that you need, Schréder SIGNATURE is more creative, delivering iconic solutions to light your city. Our team of experts can design a luminaire, lighting column or any other lighting structure to bring your ideas to life, reflecting your unique character and enhancing your space.


We work side by side with you, ideating and brainstorming to solve any complex challenges. We explore the different avenues and propose a number of various yet equally viable concepts. We can advise not only on the aesthetic result but also on the choice of materials, mounting and cabling. We provide a range of visuals to interact with our customers throughout the project. By creating 3D models, we resolve the final mechanical details and can provide visuals of the luminaire in its future location. With Schréder SIGNATURE, customers observe the fascinating evolution from a simple drawing to their own wonderful and unique lighting solution.





























Regeneration of the peninsula




A place The Caen peninsula (Calvados) is a 12-hectare area bordered by water that has long served as an industrial port backyard in Caen and the surrounding municipalities. This redevelopment of the peninsula emphasises soft mobility, favouring pedestrian and cycle routes. This suburban space hosts numerous economic, cultural and nautical activities.

A need The intention of the designers (lighting designer: Agathe Argod - landscape designer: Agence Michel Desvigne) was to consider the Caen peninsula as a park and break with the lighting systems upstream and downstream of the project. This space had to be seen as the same entity, both day and night.

A Schréder STUDIO solution Agathe Argod, assisted by Stéphane Servant, selected the POSSESSION luminaire and used Schréder STUDIO to design the NIIL ensemble for perfect integration. The NIIL consists of a square section mast carrying arms of the same section. The arms integrate one or more POSSESSION luminaires with various optics depending on the applications and the desired ambiance. This lighting furniture makes it possible to multiply small sources of light to create a lively atmosphere without impacting the night sky (ULOR <1%). Its position parallel to the pavements saves space and gives “the image of a small army of tin soldiers”, according to Agathe Argod. City officials are delighted with the installation, which blends in perfectly with the identity of the peninsula and sheds the right light.

Lighting design Agathe Argod (Scène publique)



«The initial intention of this project is to consider the peninsula of Caen as a park and thus to break with the lighting systems upstream and downstream of the project. Thanks to the NIIL ensemble, the peninsula is perceived as the same entity, both day and night.»

AGATHE ARGOD Lighting designer and founder of the Scène Publique agency




Antwerp Bespoke urban light trees to create a thriving community space BELGIUM



Antwerp – BELGIUM

A place Antwerp is the most populous city in Belgium and the second-largest Belgian metropolitan region after Brussels. The port of Antwerp is one of the biggest in the world, ranking second in Europe. The city is also known for its diamond industry and trade. As its population increases, the city of Antwerp is regenerating districts to reconquer space for citizens and create a new style of urban living.

A need The area around the city’s opera house has recently undergone a complete redevelopment, transforming the neighbourhood into a vibrant, sustainable cultural destination for visitors and residents. Spanish architect Manuel de Solà-Morales has redesigned traffic into a new underground tunnel so that the city could reconquer part of the busy Leien Boulevard and create a 10,000m² pedestrianised plaza with a tramway, bike path and new metro station to promote greener mobility. For this new plaza, which offers excellent views of the beautiful architecture of the Meir - Antwerp’s main shopping area - the Central Station and the Opera House, Manuel de Solà-Morales envisaged a unique lighting structure. He imagined a work of art that would provide a stunning backdrop and make walking in the area that little bit more special.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution After consultations with all of the parties involved in the project, Schréder SIGNATURE designed eight bespoke light trees to guide people in safety, create a strong visual identity, and encourage the community to appreciate the space. These elegant structures belie the immense technical infrastructure required to create them. At 12m tall, the central column of each light tree supports five different custom-engineered projectors with a 2.2m outreach. Each of the branches of the light trees integrates 35 warm white LEDs (3000K). These have been carefully positioned to direct the light only where it is needed, eliminating any light spill. They create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with low energy consumption, in line with the city’s sustainability criteria. Each light tree has been specifically installed at a strategic setting to create a v-shape towards the Opera House. This installation ensures uniform lighting, with no dark zones throughout the plaza, and draws attention to the Opera House, enhancing its nocturnal presence and gently guiding people to the main attraction when the sun sets. The central column of each tree is painted in ‘‘Antwerp City Grey’’, a dark grey with a hint of green, in a nod to the architecture throughout the area, while the branches are painted in the same shade of red as the canopy on the square. The light trees create a contemporary and striking work of art, brightening this bustling square during the day and night.



Antwerp – BELGIUM

«The transformation of Operaplein is not only beautiful by day and at night, but has also triggered all sorts of regeneration. The lighting has provided the perfect opportunity to allow people to explore and enjoy the area around the city’s opera at night.»

KRISTOF PEETERS Head of Public Lighting - City of Antwerp





The Palme as an iconic lighting landmark



Cannes - FRANCE

A place Cannes is a world-famous city thanks to its international film festival and its Croisette lined with palaces. The pearl of the French Riviera is resolutely committed to modernism and has decided to redevelop its Bocca district to revitalise it while preserving its Provençal identity. The Paul Roubaud square, a central element of this district, has been completely redesigned to become a lively place for its inhabitants.

A need The city wanted to renovate its public lighting in order to offer the right light to its citizens while embellishing and modernising the lighting furniture.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Schréder SIGNATURE offered a personalised version of the BOREAL LED lantern. Our team worked on a mask featuring the design of the Palme d’Or awarded to the winner of the film festival each year. They adapted the palm by adding a royal fleur-de-lis, an element represented in the city’s coat of arms. At nightfall, the palm is reflected on the façades, plunging visitors into a timeless atmosphere. The walls take on a dimension of plant shadows. This concept immediately won over the entire municipal team.


«A coat of arms and a palm. From two strong symbols of the city of Cannes, we have created distinctive and singular lighting furniture.»

GUY VAN COUWELAAR Design project manager - Schréder SIGNATURE




Vienna Customised urban lighting platform for a sustainable, smart city AUSTRIA



Vienna – AUSTRIA

A place Vienna is the national capital, largest city, and one of nine states in Austria. Vienna is Austria’s most populous city and the 6th-largest city by population in the European Union, with about 1.9 million inhabitants. The city is the cultural, economic, and political centre of Austria. It is known for its high quality of life: in 2005, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the city of Vienna first among the world’s most livable cities.

A need The city of Vienna decided to convert 160,000 fixtures from traditional light sources to energy-efficient LED luminaires as part of its Smart City Framework Strategy, which aims to reduce the city’s energy consumption by 30% by 2030 and by 50% by 2050. The Department of Public Lighting drew up the requirements for a new luminaire. In addition to reducing energy consumption, facilitating maintenance, and preserving the environment, a key factor was the ability to light the many different sites and districts in the city - that need multiple lighting distributions - with one unique design.

A Schréder STUDIO solution Schréder STUDIO rose to the challenge by developing a bespoke luminaire, called Vienna Round, to meet all of the strict criteria. A specific variant was necessary for the catenary installation. At the same time, two different sizes have been installed on the street poles - 66,500 large models and 33,500 small models - to suit the different needs throughout the city. They have created a harmonious aesthetic coherence, both by day and at night. Fitted with the latest LEDs and technology, the energy-efficient Vienna Round is compatible with the city’s own management system. The lighting is dimmed according to preconfigured scenarios to reduce energy consumption while guaranteeing visibility during the night. Indeed, the city has managed to reduce its energy consumption by 65%. This futureproof luminaire also integrates sensors that detect vehicles and people so that the lighting can be automatically adapted to what is needed. Made of recyclable materials and fitted with interchangeable components for easier and more cost-effective maintenance management, the Vienna Round will play its part in helping the city to build a circular economy. The city is delighted with the new lighting, which ensures intelligent and responsible management of its lighting infrastructure while upholding the high-quality public lighting that its citizens have come to expect.


Vienna – AUSTRIA

«We specified a luminaire that is as energy efficient as possible, minimises light pollution, is sustainably designed and can be widely used thanks to interchangeable components with a fixed mechanical interface.»

HARALD BEKEHRTI Head of MA33 - Department of Public Lighting






Tribute design and modern technology for the Avenue Alsace Lorraine



Lavelanet - FRANCE

A place The municipality of Lavelanet, located in Ariège, at the foot of the Pyrenees, is renowned for its rich industrial activity and its past linked to the textile industry. Lavelanet decided to look to the future and create a revival for the city.

A need Therefore, in consultation with its population, the municipality has put together the «Lavelanet 2050» plan. This consists of recreating an attractive urban centre and making it accessible to all users by promoting soft mobility. The first phase of the project (2017) consisted of extending the cycle lane and Avenue Alsace Lorraine. This work, carried out by the Architecture & Paysage agency, aimed to revitalise the town centre while facilitating access for pedestrians, cyclists, and tourists through a vegetated and secure route.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Guided by the desire to change the city’s overall image, the Quartiers Lumières agency proposed implementing significant identity elements on the entrances to the municipality. Lionel Bessières, its director, decided to start with YOA, a standard Schréder luminaire, to reduce installation and maintenance costs. Schréder SIGNATURE customised the YOA luminaire with the addition of a mask whose patterns are inspired by ‘‘carded’’, a category of textiles made by weaving short and imperfectly disentangled fibres, a speciality in Lavelanet between 1945 and 1975. This set allows the city’s identity to be highlighted and create a unique design in the image of Lavelanet. The location of the ensembles opens up the view towards the Pyrenees to enhance the natural heritage. Using modern technology, the lighting scheme incorporates bi-power regulation to generate energy savings in the dead of night while improving the living environment of the inhabitants. ‘‘The covers of the lanterns are clean and simple, which makes it possible to maintain suitable lighting levels that fit into the daytime and nighttime landscape’’, explains Lionel Bessières. This elegant and iconic solution highlights Lavelanet’s identity and heritage while being oriented towards the future.

Lighting design Lionel Bessières (Quartiers Lumières)


Lavelanet - FRANCE

«We decided to start from a standard luminaire to combine quality lighting and a distinctive identity.»

LIONEL BESSIÈRES Lighting designer and founder of the Quartiers Lumières agency




Utrecht Original lighting solution concealed in eye-catching architecture NETHERLANDS




A place Utrecht is the fourth-largest city and a municipality in the Netherlands, the eponymous province’s capital and most populous city. It is located in the eastern corner of the Randstad conurbation, in the very centre of mainland Netherlands. Utrecht hosts Utrecht University, the largest university in the Netherlands, and several other higher education institutions. Due to its central position within the country, it is an important transport hub for rail and road transport. The city of Utrecht launched a redevelopment plan for the area surrounding the city’s train station to ease traffic congestion by encouraging locals to commute using bikes and public transport. Ector Hoogstad Architects was entrusted with building the world’s largest bike parking garage under Central Station.

A need As part of the redevelopment, the street in front of the station has been transformed into a large pedestrian square, linking Central Station, the Hoog Catherijne shopping centre and the city’s historic centre, to improve access and to offer a space for people to meet, relax, eat, shop or even repair a bike. An enormous iconic honeycomb-like canopy was installed to create an eye-catching feature that would mark the square and enable dry crossing. The roof brings an exciting and surprising architectural dimension to the area and needs to shine at night.

A Schréder STUDIO solution Arup, appointed to create an original lighting design for this square, contacted Schréder STUDIO to develop a customised solution that had to be concealed within the large columns supporting the canopy and contributing to the overall clean line aesthetic. In collaboration with BAM Bouw en Techniek, our design team developed a luminaire to meet Arup’s vision with performance, durability, and longevity requirements. Installed in the columns, the spiral fittings work as both up- and downlights to ensure a perfect, uniform output that lights the square and illuminates the impressive canopy. The cosy nocturnal ambiance invites people to meet, relax, linger longer, and take full advantage of the amenities, giving local businesses a boost. The result is a safe, welcoming and sustainable public space for the community.

Project partners Ector Hoogstad Architects Arup BAM Bouw en Techniek



Project partners Lighting design: Lionel Bessières (Quartiers Lumières)





Typical Breton identity for Jules Ferry park and its Rambla



Lorient - France

A place Lorient, a town located in the Morbihan department in Brittany, is known for its famous interceltic festival.

A need As part of the redevelopment of Jules Ferry park, the authorities wanted to highlight the city’s identity, create a green lung and strengthen the axis connecting the town to the sea. The Rambla along the park and its public lighting were at the heart of this new development.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Lighting designer Lucas Goy (Les Eclaireurs) and his project manager Cindy Gaillard chose Schréder SIGNATURE to reinforce the local identity. Lucas Goy decided to start from one of the potent symbols of Brittany: the headdress of the Bigoudenes. The headdress, with its cylindrical shape, comes from a traditional Breton art called ‘‘picot bigouden’’. Bigouden women have been crocheting this lace since the 1900s. The mask of the YOA luminaires has been designed with stainless steel. It accurately reproduces the lace pattern of the cap and its cylindrical shape. ‘‘We took the detail of the mask as its colour’’, explains Lucas Goy. ‘‘Lacquered in white, the luminaire pays homage to the elegant, immaculate headdress.’’ With its pattern evocative of lace, the mask is a distinctive element day and night. By combining the decorative side with the functional need for lighting, Lorient found a cost-effective way to drape the Rambla in a quiet atmosphere that invites visitors and inhabitants to stroll.

Lighting design Lucas Goy and Cindy Gaillard (Les Eclaireurs agency)


Lorient - FRANCE

«We were looking for simplicity with functional lighting that associates a decorative pattern. The YOA luminaires elegantly dressed in a fine mesh create a real identity emblem while illuminating the place.»

LUCAS GOY Lighting designer and founder of the Les Eclaireurs agency




Mannheim High-end cylindrical-shaped light fixture inspired by a refined and minimalistic design GERMANY



Mannheim – GERMANY

A place Mannheim is the second-largest city in the German state of Baden- Württemberg. The town is located at the confluence of the Rhine and the Neckar rivers. The Planken, a 5-kilometre-long shopping avenue in Mannheim, has been attracting buyers and traders since the mid- 18th century when people from all over south-west Germany came to shop, take a stroll or discover new things. Today, it is the premier retail destination in the region, where people can peruse large department stores and small boutiques selling everything from international brands to traditional and local produce, and experience the city’s culinary delights.

A need The city launched a public realm strategy to make this pedestrian- friendly avenue more welcoming for shoppers, residents, visitors and workers, well into the future. The plan, drawn up by architect Dr Holl, featured new pavements, new tram tracks with barrier-free stops, special guided routes for blind people and new street furniture to make the experience more appealing and fluid. The city wanted a stylish, energy- efficient lighting solution that would create a cosy ambiance yet reflect the city’s entrepreneurial spirit.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution In collaboration with the lighting designers at licht raum stadt planung, Schréder SIGNATURE designed a tailor-made luminaire to create a strong sense of identity, improve guidance, allow access to the retail units and encourage people to linger and use the facilities. The high-end cylindrical-shaped light fixture was inspired by a refined and minimalistic design. It has been fitted with carefully designed LED optics that meet safety, security, and visibility requirements. They deliver a soft white light (3000K), reduce unwanted light spill and create a warm, welcoming ambiance. The smooth protector with a special diffuser reinforces visual comfort at night. Just over 400 luminaires installed in different configurations light the long pedestrian thoroughfare and junctions. They draw people through, providing gentle and intuitive guidance so that they feel safe, secure, and at ease to continue shopping as natural light fades. The city is thrilled with the new lighting. The contemporary design is authentic to the city’s character and creates an enjoyable experience for visitors after dark, thus driving footfall. The low energy consumption is also helping the city address its environmental targets.

Project partners Architect: Dr. Holl

Lighting design: licht raum stadt planung Landscape architect: Angela Bezzenberger







Emblematic lighting shaped with the Mayor of the city



Mandelieu - FRANCE

A place Mandelieu-la-Napoule is a town located in the Alpes-Maritimes department of the Provence-Alpes- Côte d’Azur region in Southeastern France. This tourist town is ideally located on the French Riviera, just to the southwest of Cannes, and offers many maritime and forest panoramas. The city is home to the largest forest of mimosas and is known for its festival dedicated to this tree. Its castle, a former medieval fortress built in the 14th century, is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and is listed as a historical monument, as are its gardens. It is the property of the Napoule Art Foundation.

A need As part of the renovation of public lighting around the castle of Mandelieu-la-Napoule, the Mayor of the city, Mr Leroy, and his deputies wanted to bring a new atmosphere to this district. The Mayor of the town himself selected the BOREAL LED luminaire during his visit to the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Territoriales. Its design is reminiscent of ancient Venetian lanterns and makes it possible to create festive atmospheres thanks to its mask. It also offers the possibility of being personalised to pay homage to the city’s identity.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Schréder SIGNATURE suggested including the emblem of the city in the mask. This proposal immediately won over the Mayor. The various elements of the coat of arms, such as the squirrel, a symbol of liveliness and independence, and the castle’s ramparts, adorn the mask. As a result, Mandelieu-La-Napoule benefits from unique lighting in its appearance, creating a new atmosphere by day and at night while respecting the law on light pollution. During the day, the stainless steel mask with mirror finish enhances the spaces. At night, it becomes a decorative element thanks to the colour effects generated by a dichroic filter. This diffracts the light, thus creating a warm and festive atmosphere in the streets of the city, while highlighting the architecture and heritage. Locals and tourists can now experience the city from a different perspective as they stroll through its alleys.



Mandelieu - FRANCE

«Incorporating the emblem of the city on the luminaire pays tribute to the history of Mandelieu.»

YVES COLIN Lighting expert at Schréder



Lisburn A truly unique identity for the birthplace of Irish linen NORTHERN IRELAND




A place Lisburn is the third largest city in Northern Ireland. It is the birthplace of Irish linen, which was the most prominent linen-producing industry in the world for many years. Being proud of its historical identity, shapes of linen continue to be replicated in many forms throughout the city.

A need When Lisburn City Council decided to install a bespoke lighting feature project in the city centre, it needed to incorporate the swirling patterns that feature so prominently across the city landscape.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Working with local architects (The Paul Hogarth Company), Schréder SIGNATURE was appointed to supply 44 bespoke feature lighting columns installed in the city centre, including a nocturnal feature for the square leading to the Irish Linen Centre. Forty of these columns are eight and ten metres high. The frame, constructed from stainless steel, with a corten steel strip running through it, creates the swirling effect of linen. A strip of LEDs runs through the centre of the corten steel. Each column also incorporates a cast acrylic spike at the top, which is also fitted with LEDs. Twenty columns include an ornate cast tapered base of stainless steel, designed to display textured banding, a concept taken from the ‘threaded bobbin’ aspect of the linen industry. These columns are fitted with the TECEO luminaire to light the roads surrounding the Irish Linen Centre. The sleek design of the TECEO perfectly complements the columns to provide a highly aesthetic, high-performance lighting solution. The most prominent elements of the project are the four 14 metre bespoke columns in front of the Irish Linen Centre. Each column is a complex structure of corten steel, stainless steel and mild, painted steel and weighs seven tonnes. They incorporate a swirling ‘ribbon-style’ feature lined with LEDs to create an eye-catching nocturnal feature. This new lighting feature has transformed the area while capturing the rich cultural heritage of the city. The result is a truly unique identity for this historic city.

Project partners Architect: The Paul Hogarth Company







A brand new lantern designed especially for this charming village



Najac - FRANCE

A place Najac, in the Aveyron department, is one of the most beautiful villages in France. It overlooks the Aveyron valley and offers calm to its inhabitants and tourists. In 2011, the local authorities initiated a development project on both ends of the village with the Place de la Pause and the Place du Faubourg, which liest at the heart of the village.

A need As part of the public lighting work, Anne Bureau (Wonderfulight agency) was commissioned to find the right lighting solution for this charming public space and to unify the village’s lighting. After numerous unsuccessful searches in various catalogues of manufacturers, she decided to work with Schréder SIGNATURE to create a unique brand new luminaire for Najac, inspired by the 17th-century lanterns.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution From the first discussions to the final product, the design of this lantern equipped with LED technology and called NAJACOISE took almost two years. Schréder SIGNATURE used several mockups for design validation before making a working prototype and adjusting it several times. The NAJACOISE lantern is equipped with 24 warm white LEDs for street lighting and three additional LEDs to create the decorative diffusing effect of the mask, whose patterns are inspired by the characteristic slate roofs of the region. ‘‘At night, the NAJACOISE lantern catches the eye’’, explains Anne Bureau. ‘‘With only a few watts, it brings a soft and original visual presence.’’ Consecrating the success of this collaboration, the NAJACOISE lantern has since been integrated into Schréder’s catalogue and has won over other cities, which have taken advantage of its customisation possibilities.

Lighting design Anne Bureau (Wonderfulight)



Najac - FRANCE

«I had the impression that there was a gap in the portfolio of luminaires for heritage villages. Each era has its style. The panel of luminaires available did not represent this history. Although this is a contemporary lantern, NAJACOISE was designed to fill this void.»

ANNE BUREAU Lighting designer at Wonderfulight agency



Bournemouth Striking lighting columns to elevate Pier Approach to world-class standing




Bournemouth - UNITED KINGDOM

A place Bournemouth is a coastal resort town on the south coast of England. Its location has made it a popular tourist destination, attracting over five million visitors annually with its beaches and famous nightlife. The town is also a regional centre of business, home of the Bournemouth International Centre, one of the largest venues for conferences, exhibitions, entertainment and events in southern England.

A need Bournemouth Borough Council’s £4m phase one regeneration of Pier Approach kick-starts a long-term regeneration programme for the whole seafront. The Pier Approach project ‘virtually’ reconnects the Bourne stream and Lower Gardens with the seafront for the first time in more than 100 years. A crucial part of this is the new lighting installation.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Partnerships are critical to the delivery of any solution. During this project, Schréder SIGNATURE worked closely with lighting designers Michael Grubb Studio to deliver their vision for Bournemouth. Schréder supplied and installed 14 x 7m and 2 x 25m timber columns. The columns incorporated LED lighting with RGBW fittings and multi-gobo projectors. Custom features, such as the LED rims on the 25m columns and acrylic finials and internal power supplies, and DMX control systems were developed specifically to meet the client’s requirements. One of the project’s main components has been introducing new low-energy dynamic lighting, which aims to encourage locals and visitors to remain at the Pier later in the evening. Bournemouth Borough Council also anticipates that the project will stimulate additional private investment in the area, creating more local jobs.

Project partners Lighting designer: Michael Grubb Studios Contractor: Lowe and Oliver / Willmott Dixon





Paris Decorative bespoke luminaire to symbolise the district and enhance its identity FRANCE



Paris - FRANCE

A place In the heart of Paris’ sixth

A need This massive rectangular market building is spread over three floors. The basement and the first floor house the offices of local authorities, while the ground hall is home to a covered food market, café and shops, offering a wide variety of produce. As part of the renovation, the arcades were opened up to increase the visibility of the retailers and invite shoppers in from the street. Architectural studio DGLA wanted to replace the old harsh neon lights with an original lighting concept that would reveal and highlight the site’s architecture.

arrondissement, the Marché Saint- Germain is a 19th-century market hall designed by Jean-Baptiste Blondel, one of Napoleon’s favourite architects. Threatened with demolition in the 1970s, then listed, the building underwent a major renovation and reopened in 2017.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution The Schréder SIGNATURE team started with the existing Phylos luminaire and customised it to propose adaptive lighting with an organic design. The redesigned luminaire is fitted with 30 LEDs and beckons pedestrians in soft, warm tones (3000K). The originality lies in the shade for the luminaire, which features a stylised image of the area’s street map. This was laser cut into the shade around the outside, as well as on the top. Three LEDs (with a 15° opening) placed on the arms between the luminaire and the shade project the image onto the ceiling, creating a unique ambiance. This market hall has been transformed into an attractive space where people can enjoy a leisurely stroll under the arches, both by day and at night. The slight nod to this sought- after area’s character has been noted and appreciated by tourists and residents alike.

Lighting design DGLA agency


Paris - FRANCE

É glise Saint-Germain des Prés

É glise Saint-Sulpice

Marché Saint-Germain

«The Marché Saint-Germain exclusive lighting solution is the result of numerous creative and technical exchanges between the architects of DGLA and the teams of Schréder STUDIO / SIGNATURE.»

JEAN-BAPTISTE GAUCHARD Lighting expert at Schréder




London Weathered-corten columns to reflect the 19th-century gas towers





A place The London Borough of Tower

A need Just off Hackney Road, the arterial route running from Shoreditch Church in London Borough of Hackney to Cambridge Heath in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, an open area had been used for illegal car parking and fly-tipping. The local authorities launched a plan to transform this abandoned area into a pleasant community space, both by day and at night, for the local residents and business communities.

Hamlets is located in East London and covers much of the traditional East End. It lies adjacent to the east side of the City of London and on the north bank of the River Thames, and is mainly known for housing the Tower of London, not far from Tower Bridge. In the past century, it was the cradle of the London shipping industry. Over the decades, manufacturing and crafting have evolved substantially in the area, from distinct pockets of manufacturing to more mixed- use spaces where manufacturing, residential and commercial activity occur in the same space.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution The London Borough of Tower Hamlets approached Schréder SIGNATURE to assist with their design ambitions for this unique space adjacent to the iconic Bethnal Green gasholders. They opted for four custom corten steel columns fitted with our SCULPDOT floodlights. The weathered corten reflects the nearby 19th century gas towers. Smaller in-ground units illuminate the plants and trees included in the regeneration of the space. This unobstructed area, known as the Oval Space, hosts a wide diversity of different types of commercial space, with the creative sector being particularly strong. It drastically increased footfall and contributes to the vibrant activity of the local community. “This space has been transformed from being associated with anti-social behaviour and environmental blight to a place for the community to enjoy. I’m delighted to see the council’s Parks and Open Spaces fund is making a real difference across the borough”, commented Mayor John Biggs.



«The Oval is an unusual space in the middle of a city, which attracts all kinds of people both day and night. They wanted a lighting scheme to reflect that and hence it has become a beautiful hotspot during the night. The unique corten columns create a really interesting vibe that reflects the historical gas works and the gas towers that are in the area.»

BEN SUTTON Schréder uk




Saint-Cirq- Lapopie A perfect solution for the favourite village of the French FRANCE



Saint-Cirq-Lapopie - FRANCE

A place Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, in the Lot department, is classified as the most beautiful village in France and the favourite village of the French. It is famous for its architecture straight out of the medieval period and the town’s classification as a historical monument. The identity of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is marked by its preponderance of stone houses with geometric shapes on the roofs, windows, and façades. The many diamond-shaped stained-glass windows also contribute to the uniqueness of the place.

A need As part of the village’s redevelopment, it was decided to renovate the public lighting to increase comfort for residents and tourists visiting the town. This project was led by lighting designer Philippe Gieu and a team of architects and landscapers from the local authorities of Saint-Cirq- Lapopie and the Lot department. The team’s primary concern was to adopt a solution allowing the village to find a new youth while remaining faithful to its soul.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Schréder SIGNATURE proposed customisation of the NAJACOISE lantern with a tribute shade to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. This one mimics the architectural details of the village, with diamonds in a set of solids and voids. Their positioning has been chosen to diffuse the light in an ideal way. The solid parts, which gradually increase in the upper part of the shade, allow the light to fade upwards. With the rounded shape of the luminaire with diamond patterns, the balance of solids and voids, and the material and the colour used, the whole lantern creates harmony between the lighting furniture and its environment. Warm white LEDs (2700K) highlight the Lot stone and bring out its warm side, while a console incorporating the heritage aesthetic completes the ensemble.

Lighting design Philippe Gieu



Saint-Cirq-Lapopie - FRANCE

«The pattern recalls the architectural details of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. Rhombuses are transformed into a play of solids and voids, gradually letting the light diffuse.»

FABIEN NASTORG Director of the Technical Service - Lot Departmental Federation of Energies



Budapest Re-creation of the historical lanterns combined with 21 st -century efficiency and connected technology HUNGARY



Budapest – HUNGARY

A place Budapest is both a capital city and county and forms the centre of the Budapest metropolitan area, which comprises 33% of the population of Hungary. Dózsa György út is located in the Liget - City Park neighbourhood, a bustling part of the city. Lined with banks, offices, a diplomatic quarter and restaurants, this 2km-long avenue has thriving residential and business communities. It is also a road taken by the many tourists who visit the Hungarian capital to visit the UNESCO world heritage Heroes Square.

A need In 2015, the Hungarian government launched the Liget Budapest Project - a massive 4-year project to completely renew Budapest’s largest and most iconic public park and neighbourhood. As part of this project and in line with the city’s objective to reduce its energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 30% compared to 2005 by 2030, the lighting on the busy Dózsa György út was to be replaced. The challenge was to install a sustainable lighting solution that would protect and enhance the historic fabric of this emblematic avenue and ensure safety on the road and paths.

A Schréder STUDIO solution Looking to use the latest technology to deliver a suitable LED heritage lighting solution, the urban planner contacted Schréder STUDIO. They set the challenge of recreating exactly the same lantern that lighted Heroes Square, thus preserving a link with this historic square while bringing the avenue into the 21st century. Having built the original lanterns many years ago, our design team set about incorporating the latest LED technology to deliver an authentic luminaire with outstanding performance. Schréder STUDIO integrated new energy-efficient optics to provide the required distribution across this large avenue and footpaths, without over- lighting or producing obtrusive light. A warm white colour temperature was selected to create a warm and welcoming environment, more in keeping with the ambiance provided by the old sodium lamps lighting the avenue. The lanterns were pre-fitted with NEMA sockets, as the city has opted to install the Schréder EXEDRA control system to dim the lighting outside of peak hours, with the option to scale the system in the future to collect and transport data for smart services.


Budapest – HUNGARY

«We presented Schréder STUDIO with quite an engineering challenge and are delighted with the result. They have reproduced our heritage lanterns with so much

attention to detail while delivering outstanding performance that belies its historic design.»

BENJAMIN GYŐRI Smart Consultant - Budapest city council




Vitré Dynamic lighting to accompany a stroll on the paths of history FRANCE



Vitré - FRANCE

A place The town of Vitré located in Ille- et-Vilaine (Brittany), is a medieval town known for its rich history and monuments from past centuries.

A need The municipality wished to renew its nocturnal image and include lighting in the city’s tourist strategy, while allowing its inhabitants to rediscover the richness of the architectural heritage and the city’s beauty thanks to a route through the historic heart. It crosses the city and leads to the edge of the Promenade du Val, a tourist spot full of history. The project of lighting this route has been entrusted to the lighting designers of the Quartiers Lumières and Noctiluca agencies.

A Schréder SIGNATURE solution Schréder SIGNATURE worked on a customisation of the SHUFFLE post-top luminaire. It received a shade with patterns inspired by the canvas trade. These canvases were formerly made by the local population and exported by ships abroad. The idea was to offer ‘‘a historical nod to walkers during their day and night strolls’’, explains Lionel Bessières, lighting designer at the Quartiers Lumières agency. The choice of warm white LEDs (2700K) creates a warm atmosphere. The integrated motion sensors condition the level of lighting to people’s presence to minimise light pollution and ensure the preservation of wildlife and flora. With this lighting scheme, the discovery of the city’s historic heart and its heritage is guided by cutting-edge technology perfectly integrated into the heritage aspect of the place.

Lighting design Rozenn Le Couillard (Noctiluca) Lionel Bessières (Quartiers Lumières)


Vitré - FRANCE

«A contemporary design to immerse the nocturnal visitor in the past.»

ROZENN LE COUILLARD & LIONEL BESSIÈRES Lighting designer at Noctiluca agency & Lighting designer at Quartiers Lumières agency




Pairi Daiza Bespoke solution to respect biodiversity and support the activity of the zoo




Pairi Daiza – BELGIUM

A place Pairi Daiza, a privately-owned zoo and botanical garden located on the site of the former Cistercian Cambron Abbey in Brugelette (Belgium), transports visitors on a journey around the world with animals from every corner. This 65-hectare park, with many historic buildings and centuries-old trees, is home to more than 7,000 animals from around the world. Active in numerous scientific programmes for the protection and breeding of endangered species, the owners hope to make visitors aware of the beauty and fragility of nature.

A need The zoo owners, who are constantly providing new experiences for visitors, decided to extend the opening hours into the evening and provide themed evenings and various shows. They needed a lighting solution that would preserve the biodiversity of the park and its exceptional landscape, fit discreetly into the landscape, provide functional and atmospheric lighting and act as a support for a PA system, WiFi and signposting.

A Schréder STUDIO solution The main criteria for the lighting was to avoid disturbing the animals. Pairi Daiza opted for 6m high SHUFFLEs and 3.2m high “mini” versions equipped with three lighting modules and sandblasted protectors. All of them were customised by Schréder STUDIO. The columns were painted in a specific colour, practically identical to corten steel to blend into the landscape literally. Conscious that people today want to share their experiences on social media and look up access the Internet, the owners wanted to provide free WiFi throughout the site. The modularity of the SHUFFLE enabled the access points to be integrated into the column, providing a discreet yet aesthetic solution with no impact on the landscape. Pairi Daiza had specific requests for broadcasting background music to immerse visitors in each world and to make announcements during the shows. Each column has been equipped with two high-performance loudspeakers to ensure high-quality sound. The signposting in the park also had to be updated. As the zoo is continually growing and offering new services, an easy-to-use, flexible system was needed. Conveniently located throughout the site, the SHUFFLE columns were the ideal support for the signs. Schréder STUDIO created and integrated specific supports and fixing clips on the column to easily change the individual signs.



Pairi Daiza – BELGIUM

«As soon as we saw the SHUFFLE in the Schréder catalogue, it caught our attention. We wanted to integrate all the technological components in the column, in such a way that they seamlessly blend into the various environments.»

FABRICE BOLLEN Creative producer – Pairi Daiza



Paris Energy-efficient LED retrofit to give one of France’s most iconic landmarks a nocturnal makeover FRANCE



Paris – FRANCE

A place Place Vendôme in Paris is one of the most beautiful and prestigious squares in France. This octagonal square and the arcaded buildings around it, built between 1687 and 1701, are magnificent example of neoclassical architecture. Today, a square steeped in history is home to the Ritz Hotel and some of the city’s most fashionable boutiques. Every day, it attracts thousands of visitors who come to stroll around the square, admiring the architecture and soaking up the ambiance.

A need As part of its Climate and Energy Action Plan to reduce the energy consumption for its public lighting by 30% by 2020, the city council decided to upgrade the lighting on the square while preserving the character of this historic centre.

A Schréder STUDIO solution The city of Paris wanted to keep the traditional lanterns in cast iron and change the photometric engine inside. Schréder STUDIO retrofitted the heritage gas lamp. LED optics incorporating white LEDs (2,700K) replaced the old high-pressure sodium lamps, significantly reducing energy and maintenance costs. In total, 228 luminaires were upgraded. They deliver uniform lighting that preserves its unique luminous ambiance. The 19 mansions that encompass the square are identical, creating an impressive architectural unity. The city council decided to illuminate the façades. Just over 50 floodlights (3000K) were installed. They bathe the elegant arches and columns that adorn the façades of these majestic houses with a gentle white light.




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