A place The Caen peninsula (Calvados) is a 12-hectare area bordered by water that has long served as an industrial port backyard in Caen and the surrounding municipalities. This redevelopment of the peninsula emphasises soft mobility, favouring pedestrian and cycle routes. This suburban space hosts numerous economic, cultural and nautical activities.

A need The intention of the designers (lighting designer: Agathe Argod - landscape designer: Agence Michel Desvigne) was to consider the Caen peninsula as a park and break with the lighting systems upstream and downstream of the project. This space had to be seen as the same entity, both day and night.

A Schréder STUDIO solution Agathe Argod, assisted by Stéphane Servant, selected the POSSESSION luminaire and used Schréder STUDIO to design the NIIL ensemble for perfect integration. The NIIL consists of a square section mast carrying arms of the same section. The arms integrate one or more POSSESSION luminaires with various optics depending on the applications and the desired ambiance. This lighting furniture makes it possible to multiply small sources of light to create a lively atmosphere without impacting the night sky (ULOR <1%). Its position parallel to the pavements saves space and gives “the image of a small army of tin soldiers”, according to Agathe Argod. City officials are delighted with the installation, which blends in perfectly with the identity of the peninsula and sheds the right light.

Lighting design Agathe Argod (Scène publique)


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