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Feeling secure is a basic human right. Your residents and visitors want to feel safe at all times. SHUFFLE Security delivers a strategic breakthrough to address these challenges with advanced lighting and security features.

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SHUFFLE SECURITY Building confidence in outdoor areas

How can city services or security companies leverage outdoor lighting to improve the feeling of safety for people? How can a lighting point make people more confident in outdoor areas? How can it connect them instantly to security staff or city services? How can it prevent hazardous situations turning into disasters? How can infrastructure protect people and institutions in their daily activities? Feeling secure is a basic human right. Your residents and visitors want to feel safe at all times. SHUFFLE Security delivers a strategic breakthrough to address these challenges with advanced lighting and security features . SHUFFLE Security is a connected, modular approach to outdoor hardware with plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware. This preconfigured version of the smart multi-functional SHUFFLE column is designed to create safe and pleasant outdoor areas . Its aesthetic design and efficiency are ideal for places where security is essential: tourist sites, parks and squares, outdoor spaces around public and private buildings (embassies, ministry buildings, banks, hospitals, schools...), metro, bus or train stations, car parks and sports or leisure venues. SHUFFLE Security provides a monitoring system that enables bidirectional communication: from authorities to citizens or security companies to people in the environment, and in the opposite way around, from end-users to public/ property managers. SHUFFLE Security is a great asset for placemaking as it improves confidence in using outdoor environments. It encourages people to socialise, to contribute to the local economy and to develop a true sense of community.


The smart integrated solution to protect people and places

Key benefits

For end-users

• Reinforced sense of safety

• Direct contact with city services or security companies

• Elegant open spaces thanks to integrated design

For cities/managers

• Robust, integrated and aesthetic solution

• A clever, cost-effective way to leverage lighting infrastructure

• Data collection and analytics

• Security with CCTV algorithms

• Complete solution protecting people and venues



A scalable solution

The SHUFFLE Security range includes 3 variants to cover

the needs of various areas.



360° lighting (and IoT readiness)


• 100V public address system • Frequency range: 100 - 18,000Hz • Perfect sound - 20W power output • Weatherproof / adapted to indoor and outdoor applications

• Unparalleled audio quality with optional video • Vandal resistant SIP and IP intercom embedded in the column • Background active noise cancellation • Automatic volume adjustment

• Street lighting / Ambiance lighting (optional back light control) • Warm or neutral white LEDs • Optional diffuse protector for enhanced visual comfort • NEMA socket for smart city IoT controller

Camera bracket


180° camera

• Professional CCTV camera • Optimised against fogging • Full HD resolution • Image optimisation (back-light, contrasts, night vision, high luminosity) • Compatible with the Genetec video management system (ONVIF communication standard)

• Robust design with high- quality finish • Easy installation with patented mounting system • Compatible with a wide range of PTZ cameras

• Seamless integration in the Shuffle column • 360° view • Vandal-proof design to protect the hardware • Easy installation with patented mounting system • Compatible with the Genetec video management system (ONVIF communication standard)



3 use cases

Managing car parks is a major challenge in busy cities where every square metre is precious. With SHUFFLE Security, local councils or private companies can automate access to car parks for motorists who have subscribed to their service. The cameras at the entrance of the car park can read license plates and trigger the gate to open. The data collected at the entrance and exit of the car park enables billing management. They can feed real-time applications to inform motorists about tavailable car park spaces. manage automatic access to secure car parks? How can SHUFFLE Security (Basic)

SHUFFLE Security enables customised detection features to be set-up according to different parameters such as the defined area, the intrusion direction and the classification of users. It can, for instance, detect people crossing a railway track or a tram line. SHUFFLE Security can broadcast a warning message through the loudspeaker in order to avoid incidents. Urban planning decisions may be taken based on data collected from citizen behaviour on the field. detect dangerous behaviour and protect people? How can SHUFFLE Security (Core)


Private or restricted-access areas need protection against intruders, especially at night. SHUFFLE Security cameras can identify movement in a place and at a time when no-one should be there. The connected lights switch on to light the area entirely. Smart surveillance cameras automatically turn to follow and film the intruder. The intruder receives an automatic warning “you have been detected, please leave this protected area”. An alert is sent to the security services with all the relevant information and a real-time video feed so they can respond appropriately. In addition to the automated detection features, the integrated intercom enables people to contact security services in case of an incident. protect restricted-access areas? How can SHUFFLE Security (Active)

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