Schréder - SHUFFLE Security


3 use cases

Managing car parks is a major challenge in busy cities where every square metre is precious. With SHUFFLE Security, local councils or private companies can automate access to car parks for motorists who have subscribed to their service. The cameras at the entrance of the car park can read license plates and trigger the gate to open. The data collected at the entrance and exit of the car park enables billing management. They can feed real-time applications to inform motorists about tavailable car park spaces. manage automatic access to secure car parks? How can SHUFFLE Security (Basic)

SHUFFLE Security enables customised detection features to be set-up according to different parameters such as the defined area, the intrusion direction and the classification of users. It can, for instance, detect people crossing a railway track or a tram line. SHUFFLE Security can broadcast a warning message through the loudspeaker in order to avoid incidents. Urban planning decisions may be taken based on data collected from citizen behaviour on the field. detect dangerous behaviour and protect people? How can SHUFFLE Security (Core)


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