Schréder - SHUFFLE Security

SHUFFLE SECURITY Building confidence in outdoor areas

How can city services or security companies leverage outdoor lighting to improve the feeling of safety for people? How can a lighting point make people more confident in outdoor areas? How can it connect them instantly to security staff or city services? How can it prevent hazardous situations turning into disasters? How can infrastructure protect people and institutions in their daily activities? Feeling secure is a basic human right. Your residents and visitors want to feel safe at all times. SHUFFLE Security delivers a strategic breakthrough to address these challenges with advanced lighting and security features . SHUFFLE Security is a connected, modular approach to outdoor hardware with plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware. This preconfigured version of the smart multi-functional SHUFFLE column is designed to create safe and pleasant outdoor areas . Its aesthetic design and efficiency are ideal for places where security is essential: tourist sites, parks and squares, outdoor spaces around public and private buildings (embassies, ministry buildings, banks, hospitals, schools...), metro, bus or train stations, car parks and sports or leisure venues. SHUFFLE Security provides a monitoring system that enables bidirectional communication: from authorities to citizens or security companies to people in the environment, and in the opposite way around, from end-users to public/ property managers. SHUFFLE Security is a great asset for placemaking as it improves confidence in using outdoor environments. It encourages people to socialise, to contribute to the local economy and to develop a true sense of community.


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