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Solutions for maximised energy efficiency

CUSTOM FACTORY DRIVER SETTINGS Intelligent luminaire drivers can be programmed in the factory with complex dimming profiles. The period between switching on and switching off is used to activate the preset dimming profile . The customised dimming system


100 %

80 %



40 %

20 %

generates maximum energy savings while respecting the required lighting levels and uniformity throughout the night.




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SENSORS FOR AUTONOMOUS DYNAMIC SCENARIOS Photoelectric sensors switch on the luminaires exactly when natural light becomes insufficient (cloudy day, night fall, etc.) so as to provide safety and comfort in the public space. In places with little nocturnal activity, lighting can be dimmed to a minimum most of the time. By using motion sensors such as PIR sensors or radars (taking into account speed and direction criteria), levels can be raised as soon as a pedestrian or a vehicle is detected in the area.

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