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ADVANCED REMOTE CONTROL SYTEMS With its user-friendly remote control systems for intelligent lighting, Schréder integrates advanced features for programming the most efficient dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special events, seasons, etc.) while providing safety, comfort and a sense of well-being for people. Schréder can integrate smart lighting applications such as the ability to adapt the colour of the light or build dynamic lighting scenarios through PIR sensors or radars. As they offer complete interoperability , Schréder control systems can manage controllers/ sensors and control luminaires from other manufacturers.

Towards environmental excellence of the built environment

We encourage our customers to think strategically about sustainability, co-creating solutions that improve their performance against a wide variety of sustainability criteria. By drawing on our long experience in designing high-performance, low-energy spaces, we can deliver lighting solutions with all the necessary documentation to help our customers achieve BREEAM certification . BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a certification based on the leading sustainability assessment method for buildings, communities and infrastructure projects. Using Schréder solutions, up to 17 credits (counting for 6 of the 10 criteria considered) can be achieved in the BREEAM assessment.

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