Schréder - Architectural lighting solutions

Manufacturing according to the highest environmental standards

All Schréder factories are certified ISO 14001:2015 which recognises their efforts for their environmental management system. For each factory, a continuous improvement plan for resource efficiency and waste management is put into action by the quality manager. More information:

Transparency throughout the complete product life cycle

To provide our customers with clear information on the environmental impact of each luminaire, Schréder relies on a product life cycle analysis tool (Instant LCA), developed in collaboration with an independent agency (in accordance with the principles of ISO 14040:2006). The results are available in the Product Environmental Profile (PEP) documents. They summarise the luminaire’s life cycle assessment, by examining its environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from raw material extraction to end of life. The PEP documents are available upon request to all customers to help them demonstrate their regulatory compliance and commitment to minimising their environmental footprint.

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