Schréder - Tunnel lighting solutions

YOUR SECURITY A good tunnel is first and foremost a safe tunnel. The lighting should make motorists feel like they are driving on the open road. It must ensure that they enter, transit and exit the structure in complete safety and comfort

Light for safety High visibility throughout the tunnel ensures a safe journey. As security is a priority, our luminaires are equipped with state- of-the art optics that deliver excellent uniformity on the road and walls, as well as optimised contrast levels for perfect visual If an accident occurs, our lighting solutions safely guide motorists to emergency exits. Coupled with our Advanced Tunnel Solution (ATS), our luminaires automatically switch to an emergency scenario to help users evacuate the tunnel. At the same time, this control system can send commands to the central control point to close the tunnel entrance or reduce the speed limit. guidance and visibility inside the tunnel. Emergency management




Light uniformity has a huge impact on drivers’ visibility and safety. Without a clear view, they cannot anticipate potential dangers. By studying your tunnel environment, we can propose a highly uniform lighting installation to guarantee a higher level of security.

Monotony, a threat for drivers security Tunnels are designed to be as straight and uniform as possible. This concept might quickly become monotonous and have a negative impact on drivers’ behaviour. Accidents occur when motorists tire and do not focus on the road anymore. A vibrant and customised lighting installation creates a unique ambiance which catches the driver’s eye and enhances the tunnel experience. Our LEDs and optics can be customised for each tunnel installation. Give your tunnel an unique identity with a dynamic lighting scenario to provide a safe but unforgettable experience.


No two tunnels are the same. Even if people do not remember the name, they will always recall a detail, a feeling that reminds them of driving through. We are proud to help our customers create these memories by taking advantage of flexible LED technology.


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