Schréder - Tunnel lighting solutions

YOUR MOBILITY Tunnels require lighting that enables drivers to quickly adapt to an enclosed environment so they can easily identify possible obstacles and travel without reducing speed. Excellent visibility and high visual comfort is key to ensure smooth mobility. Focus on your visibility

Our luminaires have been specifically designed with optics that optimise luminance for tunnel environments. They provide the correct levels of lighting with excellent visibility to enable drivers to avoid the black hole effect at the tunnel entrance and any glare phenomenon at the exit. Photometry for each application We have various photometrical engines capable of generating wide photometric distributions to meet all types of applications while maximising energy savings. Our LensoFlex® platforms have been designed with high-power LEDs that can be associated with a large variety of optics that withstand high currents for a maximised lumen output. Lenses, reflectors and collimators Some projects need precise lighting features due to a particular tunnel environment or some local standards. We deliver the photmetrical solution that provides the most optimum result, whether this requires lenses, reflectors or collimators to ensure a comfortable and glare free experience.

of robust materials and benefit from long-lasting components ensuring performance 24/7 in the long term. Furthermore, our tool free solutions enable fast on-site repairs and maintenance interventions if necessary. Smart cabling and quick-on connectors also speed up any field interventions by avoiding any wiring or mounting issues.

Less maintenance to minimise disruptions and closures Tunnel maintenance activities might cause some closures, causing delays and disruption to traffic and so, city life. An unexpected 15-minute tunnel closure is estimated to cost €15,000. Tunnel operators need reliability. That is why our tunnel solutions are designed to reduce maintenance to a minimum. They are made


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