Schréder - Tunnel lighting solutions

A long lasting experience

A pioneer in tunnel lighting, Schréder has designed and delivered lighting solutions for more than 1,000 tunnels worldwide, from Mont Blanc in France to Queens Midtown Tunnel in USA. Your challenges make beautiful stories

Queens Midtown Tunnel – New-York (United States) The Queens Midtown tunnel is one of the best known and recognisable motorway tunnels in all North America, connecting the Borough of Queens to Manhattan. In October 2012, floodwaters from Superstorm Sandy damaged the tunnel’s architectural, mechanical and electrical components. We brought our tunnel expertise across the channel and provided a safe and sustainable lighting set-up.

Loi Tunnel – Brussels (Belgium) The Loi Tunnel is one of the main entrances into Brussels city centre. It brings motorists onto Rue de la Loi, which is home to many European institutional buildings. As part of a large-scale renovation, the lighting was replaced. To ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the numerous motorists who pass through it every day, we supplied a lighting solution that enhances the aesthetic quality and safety of the route. It creates a vibrant yet relaxing landscape for a pleasant driving experience.

Velser Tunnel – Velsen-Zuid (Netherlands) Built in 1957, the Velser Tunnel was closed by the Dutch motorway authority for 9 months in 2016 to undertake extensive renovation and repair work. For this tunnel, we supplied a complete lighting solution, integrating luminaires that provide optimal visual comfort while significantly reducing energy costs, and an intelligent control system that enables the tunnel operators to remotely manage the whole installation.


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