Schréder - Tunnel lighting solutions

YOUR INVESTMENT Maximise savings and optimise operations

Enhance performance We aim to develop solutions providing an ultimate tunnel lighting experience: • Efficient photometrical engines guarantee the best performance • State-of-the-art power and control components significantly reduce energy costs Reduce maintenance operations Our luminaires are built to last and withstand the harshest conditions: • Advanced electrical components significantly minimise operating costs while providing high visual comfort and safety • Various anti-corrosion treatments resist all types of environmenrs • A strong validation process to comply with international standards and obtain the corresponding certifications Save time City life is more and more demanding and therefore requires quick and efficient solutions. Our tunnel lighting is designed to answer those daily challenges: • Tool free luminaires for a fast on-site response • Smart cables and quick-on connectors to ease and speed-up installation • Advanced control solutions to remotely manage the installation at all times

Invest for the future As towns and cities face major challenges due to urbanisation and climate change, they need to foster sustainable urban environments. Our low consumption solutions require very little maintenance and can be remotely dimmed and managed to guarantee as few on-site operations as possible. Our product designers and engineers take into account the environmental impact early in the product development process to build a more sustainable future.

The Circle Light Label The environmental impact of our luminaires has always been a priority for us. We launched the Circle Light Label with transparent criteria to help our customers adopt a circular economy and drive a positive future for all. The Circle Light Label clearly designates products that are optimised for circular economy without compromising on the quality. Our new tunnel platform, TFLEX, was attributed this label thanks to its innovative installation and maintenance friendly concept.


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