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the resources

Lighting accounts for a large part of a city’s energy bill, yet with the right technology and the right partner, it can be considerably reduced. The relevance of an investment has to be measured over time, considering the savings it provides in terms of energy and maintenance costs over the years . Quality products offer high efficiency and high performance photometries that enable the spacing between the poles to be increased, reducing the number of lighting points per kilometre and optimising the use of energy . The savings can be further extended with control features, including dimming and motion detection options.

Schréder luminaires

Schréder prevents excessive lighting by providing the best solution to ensure that only the necessary energy will be used , taking into account the natural output depreciation over time (maintenance factor). The IZYLUM 1 and IZYLUM 2 have been optimised for low-height applications such as bicycle path lighting. Ultra-compact, energy efficient (up to 172lm/W) and available with high performing light distributions, they offer long term performance (LED lifetime of 100,000h or 25 years) and optimise the total cost of ownership. With a very low power consumption, that can be reduced further by integrating sensors, IZYLUM provides a cost-effective solution for any type of bicycle path .



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