Schréder - Cyklostezky

Challenges and solutions

for all users 2 Performance cannot be compromised at the expense of comfort. As bike paths require luminaires to be installed at low mounting heights, it is crucial to limit glare . Not all solutions are able to provide the level of visual comfort end users expect. Cyclists also want to clearly see their surroundings, be able to read signs and recognise other users. The quality of light plays an important role in colour recognition . When it comes to providing the right light in the right place at the right time, light-on-demand can ensure that people benefit from the best conditions in a given environment. This is particularly true for bicycle paths where the activity at night can vary a lot.

Providing comfort

Schréder luminaires

Schréder sets high standards in terms of glare control (G class) and colour rendering (CRI). TECEO S, for instance, respects the G*4 class to offer a high level of visual comfort. It also delivers a gentle, warm white light with a colour rendering index of 80, to show colours as they are during natural daylight, for a better experience. As it can be equipped with an optional integrated motion detection sensor (PIR), TECEO S is ready to create intelligent lighting scenarios that maximise safety and comfort for cyclists.



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