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1 Ensuring

the utmost safety

Subjective safety is the feeling or perception of safety. However, there are objective criteria to define that a bike path is safe. It must have a high level of uniformity to prevent patches on the ground. Cyclists must be able to clearly see uneven surfaces and obstacles. It should guide cyclists so that they can easily follow the markings. The right vertical illuminance level is key for facial recognition or reading signs . It also helps to see other cyclists coming from the opposite direction. As e-bikes can go up to 45km/h (12,5m/s), it is essential that cyclists can quickly spot hazards such as unexpected bends, steep drops, barriers or intersections. Different colour temperatures can be used for difficult zones such as crossroads.

Schréder luminaires

With the TECEO S and IZYLUM 1 or 2, widely recognised by independent bodies, Schréder offers a large range of lighting solutions optimised for bike paths . The combination of the right lumen package (from 600 to 15,000lm) and the right light distribution enables our application engineers to propose the best configurations to meet the safety challenge .




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