Schréder EXEDRA - pametni sistem kontrole osvetljenja

Creating harmony for the community

Customer profile Local authorities looking for sustainable development of the community.

Challenge Lovely squares and commercial streets attract residents and visitors to shops, bars and

restaurants. People are keener to spend time outside at dusk. But an uncontrolled spread of nighttime activities can conflict with the residents’ natural aspiration for quiet after bedtime.

Solution Schréder EXEDRA empowers the lighting infrastructure to positively influence behaviour and to match the human body’s natural cycles. When night falls and the squares and streets empty,

the connected luminaires adapt the lighting level and colour temperature to decrease light disturbance for citizens living in that area, to adapt to their circadian rhythms, and thus ease the biological process of going to sleep. As all of this happens seamlessly, people are naturally encouraged to leave the area and go back home.

Impact People live together in harmony: local economic activities can develop on good terms with local residents. Good practices reduce noise, crime,

vandalism and other typical urban disturbances.


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