Schréder EXEDRA - pametni sistem kontrole osvetljenja

Maximising the city branding

Customer profile Local authorities eager to preserve their heritage and its attractiveness potential.

Challenge Iconic places attract tourists, generate revenues for the local economy and contribute to the greatness of a city. But in the age of social media, a bad buzz can easily come from a photo of a neglected environment or sour posts about a disappointing urban experience. Keeping places in their best light is both a must and a challenge for a city.

Solution Schréder EXEDRA not only provides real-time monitoring of connected urban assets such as luminaires, litter bins or public WiFi. Thanks to its automation centre, you can define conditional

rules, set up alarms and automate ticketing to optimise on- site maintenance operations. All IoT devices using the same open standards for data and communication can seamlessly integrate the platform. And of course, in these iconic places, lighting can be adapted according to specific schedules to support special events.

Impact Better than an expensive advertising campaign, happy visitors and tourists provide 100% free

promotion of the city and its heritage jewels on social media, video services, blogs and other user-generated content and review platforms.


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