Schréder EXEDRA - pametni sistem kontrole osvetljenja

Schréder shares a mission with its customers to create cities people love to live in. This objective is embodied in an uncompromised approach through four pillars. Going all the way to achieve those four pillars has required investing in the development of smart solutions that go beyond lighting. #whycompromise

Your character

Every city has a spirit, a soul which comes from its inhabitants, industries and ideas. Bespoke solutions flatter its unique identity and let urban streets tell their story. Schréder works with you to highlight your character.

Your community Citizens need places and moments to take a deep breath and to refocus. Lunchtime yoga in the park, a stroll over the bridge after work, exploring the night market…. The most spectacular cities come alive after dark, with special dates, events or moments. Schréder works with you to light your community.


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