Schréder EXEDRA - pametni sistem kontrole osvetljenja

Schréder EXEDRA provides state-of-the-art data security with encryption, hashing, tokenisation, and key management practices that protect data across the whole system and its associated services. Additionally, Schréder also implements tools to strengthen security further and meet international standards along with local customers’ needs. You are safe with Schréder.

corruption throughout its lifecycle. Our data security strategy protects data across all platforms and services. Schréder also implements tools to guarantee: Data residency Data isolation Isolated identity Isolated access Isolated device management Isolated device metering Isolated performance analytics

To address the security challenges, Schréder EXEDRA follows a multi- layered approach, where specific security measures are taken at device, communication and cloud levels. This security methodology provides continuous analysis of security risk vectors and mitigation of threat through security processes and mechanisms. Schréder does not own your data but is responsible for it. Schréder undertakes all means to protect data from unauthorised access and


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