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SHUFFLE to połączone, modułowe podejście do sprzętu zewnętrznego z obrotowymi modułami plug-and-play, które zawierają wstępnie certyfikowany sprzęt. Ta wstępnie skonfigurowana wersja inteligentnej wielofunkcyjnej kolumny SHUFFLE jest przeznaczona do ładowania pojazdów elektrycznych i ochrony przed wandalami.

SHUFFLE MOBILITY Charge . Protect . Light


SHUFFLE MOBILITY On the move in a zero-emission world

What if a streetlight could charge electric vehicles? How could a smart column bring an answer to the increasing need for public charging infrastructure and support electric vehicle growth? How can a lighting-based system load the battery of your company car during your working hours at the office? According to Deloitte, the global EV forecast will reach an annual growth rate of 29 per cent achieved over the next ten years with total EV sales growing from 2.5 million vehicles in 2020 to 11.2 million vehicles in 2025, then reaching 31.1 million by 2030. Despite this growth, mainstream adoption of EVs in Europe is still hindered by an insufficient charging infrastructure in most of the regions. SHUFFLE Mobility is a connected, modular approach to outdoor hardware with plug-and-play rotatable modules that contain pre-certified hardware. This preconfigured version of the smart multi-functional SHUFFLE column is designed to charge electric vehicles and protect them from vandals . Its aesthetic design integrates an electric car/vehicle (EV) charging unit. The SHUFFLE Mobility smart column can be installed in streets where it is difficult to establish infrastructure for electric vehicle charging. SHUFFLE Mobility does not only provide a charging solution for electric vehicles, it ensures an outstanding experience for EV drivers by helping them to find vacant chargers, by ensuring a high security level for them and their car and by offering the best lighting solution at night.


The smart integrated solution to promote the use of electric vehicles

Key benefits

For EV drivers

• Fast charge any time in any kind of car park • Adapted to all electrical vehicles (Type 2 socket)

• Safety with locking system during charging

For cities/managers

• Robust, integrated and aesthetic solution

• A clever, cost-effective way to leverage lighting infrastructure • The right tool to promote low-emission zones (LEZ)

• Reduction of noise and pollution in the city



A scalable solution

The SHUFFLE Mobility range includes 3 variants to cover

the needs of various areas.


Light ring

360° lighting (and IoT readiness)

EV charger

• Professional charging station • AC charging 11kW • European socket (type 2) • Safety locking during charging • Access unit (for cabinet mounting)

• Visual guidance • Low power consumption • Colour signaling: green – not in use, blue – in use

• Street lighting / Ambiance lighting (optional back light control) • Warm or neutral white LEDs • Optional diffuse protector for enhanced visual comfort • NEMA socket for smart city IoT controller

180 light - Spot

180° camera

• Up/Down architectural lighting (on-site adjustment) • Lumen package range: 1,300 to 2,400lm • On-site inclination angle settings: -10/+40° • Neutral or warm white LEDs

• Professional CCTV camera • Optimised against fogging • Full HD resolution • Image optimisation (back-light, contrasts, night vision, high luminosity) • Compatible with the Genetec video management system (ONVIF communication standard)



3 use cases

Shopping malls are ideal locations for electric vehicle charging. EV drivers are premium customers who want to use the charging time productively and gladly spend it shopping at the stores of the mall. With SHUFFLE Mobility, private companies can increase their revenue by attracting high-profile shoppers and show their commitment to a more sustainable world. With the light ring switching from blue (in use) to green (free), EV drivers can easily spot an opportunity to charge their electrical vehicle when looking for a place in the car park. attract more customers to a shopping mall? How can SHUFFLE Mobility (Basic)

Tax exemption and other incentives are commonly used by authorities to promote EV’s. But private companies also show willingness to promote low- emission vehicles to their employees. For many reasons: to align their fleet to their sustainable policy, to decrease the budget spent on fuel or to avoid low-emission zone charges. SHUFFLE Mobility offers the perfect tool to light the company car park and to offer fast charging stations to employees during their working hours . contribute to the sustainable policy of your company? How can SHUFFLE Mobility (Core)


Cities and governments have been adopting low- emission zone (LEZ) programs as a measure to reduce ambient exposures to air pollution, to meet the EU air quality standards. Electric vehicles are free to move in these zones where shops, restaurants and bars are numerous. EV drivers can use an app to check all public parking spots available downtown and see where they can charge their electrical vehicle. SHUFFLE Mobility can light these streets, secure them with its integrated camera and provide charging stations for EV drivers. The use of non-instrusive smart columns preserves the beauty of the city and declutters its streets. contribute to low-emission zones within cities? How can SHUFFLE Mobility (Active)

Choose your ideal SHUFFLE


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