Schréder - SHUFFLE Mobilność


3 use cases

Shopping malls are ideal locations for electric vehicle charging. EV drivers are premium customers who want to use the charging time productively and gladly spend it shopping at the stores of the mall. With SHUFFLE Mobility, private companies can increase their revenue by attracting high-profile shoppers and show their commitment to a more sustainable world. With the light ring switching from blue (in use) to green (free), EV drivers can easily spot an opportunity to charge their electrical vehicle when looking for a place in the car park. attract more customers to a shopping mall? How can SHUFFLE Mobility (Basic)

Tax exemption and other incentives are commonly used by authorities to promote EV’s. But private companies also show willingness to promote low- emission vehicles to their employees. For many reasons: to align their fleet to their sustainable policy, to decrease the budget spent on fuel or to avoid low-emission zone charges. SHUFFLE Mobility offers the perfect tool to light the company car park and to offer fast charging stations to employees during their working hours . contribute to the sustainable policy of your company? How can SHUFFLE Mobility (Core)


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