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Co tworzy poczucie bezpieczeństwa w mieście? Jak kolumna SHUFFLE może ułatwić interwencje w sytuacjach kryzysowych? Jak może zapobiec przekształceniu się niebezpiecznych sytuacji ? Jak infrastruktura może chronić ludzi i ratować życie? SHUFFLE SOS oferuje idealne rozwiązanie dla tych potrzeb.

SHUFFLE SOS Prevent . Locate . Assist . Rescue


SHUFFLE SOS The citys’ guardian angel

What creates a feeling of security in a city? How can a lighting point reassure people? How can it ease emergency interventions? How can it prevent hazardous situations turning into disasters? How can infrastructure protect people and save lives? Shuffle SOS offers the perfect solution to these requests. This preconfigured version of the smart multi-functional Shuffle column is designed to help people and emergency services in critical situations . With one simple push on a button, citizens can quickly get in touch with emergency services if they witness an incident or are a victim of an accident. With a voice-over IP intercom, people can explain the problem and receive proper assistance . The embedded cameras enable call centres to take the right actions thanks to a real-time video feed. The strobe light and horn, that can be triggered remotely, make sure that the emergency signal is seen and heard by bystanders in the area. They also guide the emergency crew to the exact location of the incident. With Shuffle SOS, people never feel alone in a city. They receive the support they expect in the shortest possible time. Emergency services are able to react accordingly and cover a larger zone, optimising their resources.


SHUFFLE SOS , the smart integrated

solution for safer cities .

Key benefits

For citizens

• Reinforced sense of security

• Direct contact with city services

• Proper and quick support in critical situations

For cities

• Robust, integrated and aesthetical solution

• A clever and cost-effective way to leverage lighting infrastructure

• Remote control on local incidents

• Optimises on-site interventions by emergency services



A scalable solution The SHUFFLE SOS range includes 3 variants to cover

the needs of various areas.


360° lighting with strobe (and IoT readiness)

Emergency horn


• Unparalleled audio quality with optional video • Vandal resistant SIP and IP intercom embedded in the column • Background active noise cancellation • Automatic volume adjustment

• Warn or alert the nearby population • Supports voice-over IP • Can be triggered remotely • Can be integrated into a global warning system

• Street lighting / Ambiance lighting (optional back light control) • Warm or neutral white LEDs • Diffuse protector available as an option for enhanced visual comfort • Strobe providing vital visual aid for emergencies • Strobe can be triggered remotely or locally • NEMA socket for smart city IoT controller


180 camera

Light ring

• Signage and visual help • Red LEDs • Low power consumption

• Professional CCTV camera • Optimised against fogging • Full HD resolution • Image optimisation (back-light, contrasts, night vision, high luminosity) • Compatible with the Genetec video management system (ONVIF communication standard)

• Seamless integration in the Shuffle column • 360° view • Vandal-proof design to protect the hardware • Easy installation with patented mounting system • Compatible with the Genetec video management system (ONVIF communication standard)



3 use cases

In a large campus for older people with large outdoor spaces, SHUFFLE SOS can be placed in strategic areas to provide light and assistance when required. If the residents find it difficult to walk back to the building by themselves or encounter a sudden medical issue, they can press the button to contact the staff and request assistance. The strobe light flashes to guide the rescue team to the resident. help older people find help? How can SHUFFLE SOS (Basic)

How can SHUFFLE SOS (Core)

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare:while spending a fun family day at an amusement park, they suddenly lose sight of their child. With SHUFFLE SOS, they can instantly report the disappearance to the security services of the park and describe their child (how she/he is dressed, how old she/he is...) to enable them to find her/him on the real-time video images. The strobe can guide the child to a rescue location. help parents find lost children in an amusement park?


How can SHUFFLE SOS (Active)

When a city invests in regenerating a district, it knows that safety is a main concern for citizens if this area had a poor reputation. SHUFFLE SOS reassures residents and visitors as they can immediately get in touch and receive the right assistance in case of trouble (attack, theft...) by pressing the intercom button. The emergency services receive a real-time video feed of the surroundings to monitor the situation and coordinate assistance. They can trigger the strobe and the siren to frighten the agressor. contribute to the regeneration of a district?

Choose your ideal SHUFFLE


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