Schréder - SHUFFLE SOS


3 use cases

In a large campus for older people with large outdoor spaces, SHUFFLE SOS can be placed in strategic areas to provide light and assistance when required. If the residents find it difficult to walk back to the building by themselves or encounter a sudden medical issue, they can press the button to contact the staff and request assistance. The strobe light flashes to guide the rescue team to the resident. help older people find help? How can SHUFFLE SOS (Basic)

How can SHUFFLE SOS (Core)

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare:while spending a fun family day at an amusement park, they suddenly lose sight of their child. With SHUFFLE SOS, they can instantly report the disappearance to the security services of the park and describe their child (how she/he is dressed, how old she/he is...) to enable them to find her/him on the real-time video images. The strobe can guide the child to a rescue location. help parents find lost children in an amusement park?


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