Schréder - Pedestrian crossing solutions

Real-time adaptation

With EXEDRA, Schréder relies on open standards and protocols to design an architecture able to interact seamlessly with third-party systems and platforms . A good example of this is what we offered to the City of Brussels. We provided themwith an innovative smart street lighting system along the ‘Bois de la Cambre’, a large urban park in the south of the city. There, we linked the luminaires to real-time data feeds in order to maximise safety, comfort and energy savings. This data was not captured by sensors installed on the luminaires but through online platforms on the Internet. Three types of existing and real-time data were used to trigger scenarios: • weather; • traffic; • location of pedestrian crossings. The data coming from the third-party platforms enabled the Schréder EXEDRA system to provide the optimal lighting levels at each light point and, if necessary, adapt the lighting every 15 minutes to real-time conditions.


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