Schréder - Pedestrian crossing solutions

Control solutions

Schréder EXEDRA remote management system Schréder EXEDRA is a remote control system for monitoring, metering and managing a lighting network . It is a complete solution based on open standards and protocols Schréder EXEDRA offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and an easy-to-use web interface to control each luminaire at all times through a secure internet connection. With bi-directional communication, the operating status, energy consumption and possible failures can be monitored . Schréder EXEDRA can be combined with a wide range of sensors to create responsive lighting scenarios . Through advanced data analytics tools, presented both visually and in reports, Schréder EXEDRA is a powerful tool for efficiency, rationalisation and decision making.

Key advantages

• Smart, open and interoperable system with 3 rd party devices and platforms • Light-on-demand scenarios upgradable at any time (bi-directional communication) • Same system for the whole city (not only the pedestrian crossings) • Futureproof platform to address new challenges and to evolve with technology • Compatible with NEMA and Zhaga-D4i controllers/sensors


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