SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023


2. Lighting with Positive Social Impact

Smart Lighting Cuts Radebeul’s Energy and Carbon Footprint

As urban populations grow, so do citizens’ expectations. Bigger, denser cities need better management, so it makes sense to invest in the latest technology for urban systems. The next generation of city dwellers want safe, welcoming and attractive spaces that also provide a strong sense of identity. The right lighting can help build communities and when cities create safe, welcoming spaces where people want to spend time, economic and social interaction naturally increases. Ambiance lighting and street furniture with safety features foster a sense of comfort for everyone who wants to use the city after dark. The most spectacular cities come alive at night, with landmark buildings bathed in colour for special occasions, events or moments. The right lighting improves safety in public spaces, making people feel more confident walking or commuting at night. It also improves visibility and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. We want our lighting systems to make a difference. We develop solutions that improve safety for all, especially vulnerable people such as the disabled, elderly and children, and with a particular focus on critical junctions such as pedestrian crossings. Lighting plays a vital role in helping people feel safe, secure and supported. We deliver solutions that create vibrant and connected spaces where citizens and visitors feel comfortable, so they can spend more time outdoors with friends and family, enjoying city life.

Not far from the Czech border, Altkötzschenbroda is an attractive German village known for its picturesque countryside, local wine and the nearby Elbe cycle path. In recent years, extensive work has been carried out to preserve its historic village green, along with its traditional buildings for the local community and the many tourists who visit each year. To give Altkötzschenbroda an old- fashioned glow, the FLEXIA TOP luminaires on the village green are fitted with warm white LEDs (2,200K). They deliver a subtle, pleasant light reminiscent of gas and candlelight, creating a cosy setting for activities after dark. The luminaires in the surrounding streets have been fitted with neutral white LEDs (3,000K) to provide a brighter and more vibrant night- time environment for the local community and visitors to move around safely, whether walking, cycling or driving.

Just over 100 FLEXIA TOP luminaires have been installed throughout the village. They are managed by the Schréder EXEDRA control system. The street lights are dimmed by 40% every night from 10pm to 5am to save energy and reduce the village’s carbon footprint. The new smart lighting saves the village approximately 25,000kWh per year, equivalent to 7.32 tonnes of CO 2 emissions.


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