SCHREDER - Sustainability Report 2023


Dark Sky and Light Pollution Preserving dark skies is essential for environmental sustainability, wildlife conservation, and human well-being. Light pollution disrupts natural rhythms, affecting wildlife migration and breeding behaviour. Furthermore, it can cause sleep disturbance and other health issues in humans. Additionally, light pollution is wasteful, contributing to unnecessary energy consumption and increased carbon emissions. We specialise in urban lighting solutions designed to reduce light pollution. Each of our outdoor luminaires is meticulously designed with tailored photometric distribution options for roads, streets, and pedestrian areas. This ensures precise lighting when and where needed - and nowhere else. Our designs, with a 0° tilt option, prevent upward light spill. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the recognised authority on light pollution. It provides tools, resources and a certification programme for industries and businesses that want to reduce light pollution. We offer a complete range of products that are IDA certified. Our life-cycle teams also introduced new optics and accessories into our existing range to make them fully or partially compliant with IDA standards.

Sybiraków Park: Smart Lighting Helps Create Green Lung

Built in the 1970s, Sybiraków Park was completely renovated and reopened in August 2023 as a green lung for the city of Walbrzych, Poland. As the redesign of the park focused on creating a green oasis for people to spend time in, the local authorities requested green infrastructure. They wanted a sustainable lighting solution that would extend the day during the darker months and allow people of all ages to enjoy the facilities safely and securely without excessive energy costs. A total of 109 FLEXIA FG luminaires have been installed throughout the park. The FLEXIA FG features a flat glass protector so that all the light is directed exactly where it is needed on the ground, with no light spill. It has been approved by the International Dark-Sky Association as a responsible lighting solution and does not disturb flora and fauna. All of the FLEXIA FG luminaires are equipped with the latest Owlet IV Zhaga controllers and connected to the Schréder EXEDRA platform. Using only the light required by tracking real-time requirements, the city is reducing its energy consumption and carbon emissions. All of the luminaires are equipped with our FlexiWhite solution to respect the natural rhythms of day and night, ensuring a safe, healthy park for people and wildlife. The FlexiWhite solution adjusts the colour temperature throughout the night. From sunset to 9pm, the luminaires provide a warm white light (3,000K) for a relaxing environment as people of all ages wind down from their daily activities. From 9pm to 4am when no-one is present, the colour temperature changes to a much warmer white (2,200K). The park is then lit with a soft light that is healthier for the local nocturnal wildlife. When the motion sensors detect people arriving, the colour temperature changes to 3,000K to ensure a safe walking environment.


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