Schréder ITERRA - For sports facilities

Technology at a glance

At Schréder, we understand the significance of compatibility and interoperability, which is why ITERRA relies on open standard technologies to ensure seamless integration with a diverse range of fixtures and hardware, now and in the future.

WORKS WITH ALL STANDARD CONTROL PROTOCOLS Schréder ITERRA can control any luminaire incorporating a driver compatible with the DALI, DALI-2, D4i, 0-10V or 1-10V interfaces . In multi- DALI mode (individual control on each luminaire), an ITERRA controller is able to manage up to 8 luminaire drivers separately. In broadcast mode (all luminaires respond to the same command), one controller supports up to 30 luminaire drivers. Both modes can of course be combined in the same project, depending on the areas and needs.



We all use Bluetooth TM on a daily basis for all sorts of domestic purposes and we all know that the usual reach is about 10 metres. But for Schréder ITERRA, Bluetooth TM goes beyond that. Thanks to the Bluetooth TM Low Energy technology , the range between two communicating devices can be up to 300 metres (BLE 5.0) with a clear view. The Schréder ITERRA control nodes connect together in a mesh network. This type of network is well-known for its robustness, resilience (self-routing and self-healing transmission), scalability (easy network extension) and coverage (easy range increase). To connect to the entire network with the Schréder ITERRA application via Bluetooth TM , you only need to be within range of one node.

Schréder ITERRA complies with the IoXt global standard of IoT security. With node-unique IDs, AES-CTR data encryption and AES-CMAC message authentication, a theoretical hack would take …over 500 years! Every connection to your network is subject to a 128-bit encryption key. With the Schréder ITERRA App, you can hide your lighting system and make sure that your network is not visible, discoverable or accessible to intruders .


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