Schréder ITERRA - For sports facilities

SERIOUSLY SMART Although the Schréder ITERRA control solution is extremely user-friendly, it is based on state-of-the-art, efficient technologies to offer maximum flexibility and savings for a quick return on investment. As an ecosystem based on leading industry standards , it ensures compatibility with future developments and extensions. Firmware updates are automatically supported by the application. Schréder ITERRA is a must-have for sports facility managers who want to maximise the benefits with the utmost peace of mind.

SCHRÉDER ITERRA MAIN FEATURES › Dimming the light to the right level › Adapting light colour temperature › Grouping luminaires in clusters › Creating programmed lighting scenarios › Programming lighting animations › Defining calendar-based triggers › Integrating photocells to harvest daylight › Integrating sensors for light-on- demand scenarios › Controlling from the mobile App, a switch or a remote › Managing access rights


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