Schréder EXEDRA

Первая на рынке открытая и функционально совместимая интеллектуальная система управления освещением, которая позволяет развивать умный город по своему усмотрению. Это также первая версия системы, которая отвечает требованиям uCIFI и TALQ.

Your city as smart as you want

“ Schréder Hyperion builds on Schréder’s century-long experience, knowledge and engineering to support cities with a specialised portfolio of relevant smart city solutions. In addition, Schréder Hyperion works with partners across the world, to complement today’s products and create additional opportunities for cities.”

NICOLAS KEUTGEN Chief Innovation Officer at Schréder


Innovation and inspiration for smarter cities

With Schréder Hyperion, Schréder shapes the evolution of smart cities. More than 60 experts in cloud

Schréder Hyperion provides practical information, training and solutions, to facilitate the transition to smarter and more sustainable cities. This centre of excellence is strategically based in the Lisbon area to take full advantage of the strong tech talent. The city boasts a remarkably high number of qualified engineers per capita and so Schréder Hyperion seeks to leverage the thriving international tech ecosystem through collaboration and the implementation of research initiatives.

computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, IoT and data analysis are working closely with customers to unlock the potential of urban infrastructures to address significant society challenges. Located at Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) in Carcavelos (Lisbon region), a brand new university campus, Schréder Hyperion aims to plan urban spaces, repurpose existing infrastructure and develop luminaire-based digital systems.

Schréder smart and connected solutions




4 th

years of experience

connected light points




Why connect & control?

Artificial lighting has been part of the urban experience since ancient times. Over the years, technology has developed to deliver better performance. Now, control solutions bring a new layer of tangible benefits that maximises the return on investment.


SUPPORTING A VISION > Maximised energy savings and minimised carbon footprint > Easy adaptation for events/urban planning evolution > Accurate data for informed decisions > Ready for smart city applications: easy link with IoT urban devices

EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT > Precise asset inventory > Direct failure reporting > Optimised service/maintenance planning

> Improved cost tracking > Flexibility and scalability




CITIES THEY LOVE TO LIVE IN > Safety, comfort and well-being without disruption > Less failure reporting > Feeling that resources are being well used > Sense of pride


EASY DEPLOYMENT > Enhanced preparation and follow-up > Interface to work efficiently with cities and other stakeholders > Plug-and-play commissioning


Your journey first, then the right technology

Cities need tailored solutions that enable them to go on a journey. It can’t be about choosing a one size fits all solution. We start with understanding the uniqueness of your city, its pain points, and its opportunities. Schréder creates, advises, innovates and integrates lighting-based solutions. We support our customers all the way. We align value with your short- and mid-term targets while sustaining your long-term vision. We want to understand how your city works in order to offer innovative approaches and new solutions with benefits beyond lighting. It is not about the technology – this is our skill and expertise – it is about figuring out what can be done to improve neighbourhoods and communities through deploying the right solutions in the right places. Becoming a smart city is not an objective in itself.







Leading city management platform


Standardisation to enable custom IoT solutions

Schréder plays a key role in driving standardisation with alliances and partners such as uCIFI, TalQ or D4i. Our joint commitment is to provide solutions designed for vertical and horizontal IoT integration . From the body (hardware) to the language (data model) and the intelligence (algorithms), the complete Schréder EXEDRA system relies on shared and open technologies.

This interoperable platform ensures that customers can connect existing or third-party systems/devices to Schréder EXEDRA and even means that we are open to work with our competitors.

The Schréder EXEDRA system architecture is designed to interact with other software and hardware solutions seamlessly. How is this possible? Unlike proprietary systems that prevent interoperability and generate vendor lock-in or expensive proprietary integrations, Schréder EXEDRA is a whole solution based on open standards and protocols .








Our ecosystem partners for technology-agnostic solutions

The end of proprietary wireless communication networks for smart cities and utilities The uCIFI Alliance is open to any industrial company, consulting firm, end-customer, public authority, utility and other entity who are committed to developing open non- proprietary solutions to unlock the smart city and smart energy markets. uCIFI aims to define a unified data model for all smart city objects, based on the standardised OMA LwM2M data format. The uCIFI data model is suitable for implementation in any IoT network including LoRaWAN, NB- IoT, 802.15.4G wireless mesh networks as well as proprietary IoT networks.

The global smart city protocol The TALQ Consortium aims to define a globally accepted smart city protocol for central management software to configure, control, command and monitor heterogeneous smart city device networks. TALQ provides answers to the main challenges of building really smart cities including increasing safety and comfort for inhabitants, reducing energy consumption and CO 2 emissions worldwide and raising cost efficiency for

operators managing a smart city.

Interoperability of luminaires, sensors and/or communication nodes The Zhaga consortium joined forces with the DiiA to produce a single Zhaga-D4i certification that combines the Zhaga Book 18 version 2 outdoor connectivity specifications with DiiA’s D4i specifications for intra-luminaire DALI. This certification covers all the critical features including mechanical fit, digital communication, data reporting and power requirements within a single luminaire, ensuring plug-and-play interoperability of luminaires (drivers) and peripherals such as connectivity nodes.

Open, flexible and secure cloud computing services Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services provided with the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance and regulatory compliance. Microsoft Azure offers the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using customers’ favorite tools and frameworks. It provides security from the ground up, backed by a team of experts, and proactive compliance trusted by enterprises, governments, and startups.


The sky is the limit


A well-managed city never stops looking for opportunities to innovate.

To stay up-to-date, Schréder has taken a technology-agnostic approach. What does this mean? We rely on open standards and protocols to design an architecture able to interact seamlessly with third-party software and hardware solutions. Smart cities should be platforms for innovation and so is Schréder EXEDRA.

The hard work of building a smart city is a journey, not a destination: there is always room for improvement. With EXEDRA, Schréder has developed a futureproof platform that integrates this constant need to address new challenges and to evolve with technology. We know that the best solutions are those built over time through agility and openness .

Breaking the silos In this siloed world, Schréder EXEDRA is an inclusive disruptive solution. The platform is designed to unlock complete interoperability, as it offers:

The ability to control devices (luminaires) from other brands

The ability to manage controllers and to integrate sensors from other brands

The ability to connect with third-party devices and platforms

Schréder EXEDRA enables a partner ecosystem approach to provide endless solutions to cities.

Today, 82% of smart city initiatives fail due to a lack of maturity and openness. EXEDRA, the 4 th generation of Schréder connected solutions, is your passport to join the club of the 18% of achievers.

Be part of the 18%!


At the top of your game


When it comes to user experience, Schréder EXEDRA delivers the most intuitive and comprehensive City Management System.

Fully configurable dashboard

Energy consumption management Keep bills under control. Monitor, meter, compare. Schréder EXEDRA provides all the relevant features to help you improve energy efficiency. Ticketing system Organise field operations through a fully integrated ticketing system that will help you optimise your asset management and maintenance. Automation Take advantage of the Schréder EXEDRA automation centre to easily customise advanced sequences of automated actions based on the conditions and rules you have defined. User management Distribute roles and rights to all stakeholders of projects according to their missions and responsibilities. Multi-tenant Configure and manage different zones independently. Thanks to Schréder EXEDRA multi-tenant architecture, contractors, utilities or big cities are able to segregate areas. Application solution Connect different types of hardware from various manufacturers to the EXEDRA UI. This applies to both light control and other applications: environmental monitoring, smart water, smart grid, smart parking, smart waste and more.

Customise your working environment: add, move, resize and organise widgets for each and every stakeholder’s personal dashboard.

Integrated inventory and device management Retrieve, create, edit or delete luminaires, cabinet controllers, meters, electric cables, sensors and more. Device status and real- time insight/control Stay connected to your network. Navigate on a map view to check key performance indicators and device statuses. And manage them when needed. Lighting schedules Program your lighting. Create and edit your dimming profiles based on endless variables (calendar days, special occasions, season, etc.). Assign these rules to configurable groups of luminaires. Dynamic lighting Maximise your benefits by associating sensors to groups of luminaires to trigger pre-defined lighting scenarios.

Reports, alarms and data analytics

Anticipate and react in real-time. Configure warning messages, get useful insights using the reports. Take advantage of aggregated data to make informed decisions.


Schréder EXEDRA mobile: always connected to your lighting installation


Download Schréder EXEDRA Mobile for free on

Search for or move an existing asset, create a new asset, scan a controller QR-Code to associate it with an asset. From the his/her position, the user can select an asset on the map or use the search feature to find it. He/she can use a mobile phone camera to take a photo and associate it with the asset.

Smooth commissioning

Real-time control and settings

Check the current status of a luminaire: power consumption, dimming profile, asset information, etc. Use the manual control to perform a test procedure and to adjust the luminaire parameters (e.g. dimming profile).

Effective maintenance

Set alarms, create tickets for specific luminaires and assign them to maintenance operators. Geolocation (map view), ID or QR code search tool make it easy to work on faulty luminaires, maximising the efficiency of the field team.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Auto-commissioning Schréder EXEDRA is a plug-and-play solution . As a gateway-less system using the cellular network, an intelligent automated commissioning process recognises, verifies and retrieves the luminaire device data into the user interface. Auto-inventory Schréder luminaire data are retrieved automatically and updated into the EXEDRA platform thanks to an RFID tag. For luminaires from other brands, asset data can also be injected in the platform via a CSV file. Dynamic lighting The self-healing mesh between luminaire controllers enables real-time adaptive lighting to be configured directly via the user interface. Automation Schréder EXEDRA integrates an automation engine. City managers can use this powerful tool to set custom routines and automated actions based on rules and conditions they define to simplify operations and automate repetitive tasks .













Great insights, great decisions


If data were gold, it wouldn’t mean you would have to become a miner. Schréder EXEDRA brings it to you with all the clarity you need to drive decisions and manage your city.

Through advanced data analytics tools, presented both visually and in reports, Schréder EXEDRA is a powerful tool for efficiency, rationalisation and decision making . In the short term, it is about the direct financial and operational benefits. However long-term it is about great strategic decisions that will shape the future.

Schréder EXEDRA collects massive amounts of data from end devices, aggregating, analysing and intuitively displaying them to help end-users take the right actions . Schréder EXEDRA contributes to maintaining city infrastructures, to consistently provide safety, comfort and well-being to citizens.

Benefits of data-driven decision making with Schréder EXEDRA

Reduced costs

Increased speed

Continuous improvement

Collaborative decision-making

Better planning


Protected on every side


Schréder EXEDRA provides state-of-the-art data security with encryption, hashing, tokenisation, and key management practices that protect data across the whole system and its associated services. Additionally, Schréder also implements tools to strengthen security further and meet international standards along with local customers’ needs. You are safe with Schréder.

corruption throughout its lifecycle. Our data security strategy protects data across all platforms and services. Schréder also implements tools to guarantee: Data residency Data isolation Isolated identity Isolated access Isolated device management Isolated device metering Isolated performance analytics

To address the security challenges, Schréder EXEDRA follows a multi- layered approach, where specific security measures are taken at device, communication and cloud levels. This security methodology provides continuous analysis of security risk vectors and mitigation of threat through security processes and mechanisms. Schréder does not own your data but is responsible for it. Schréder undertakes all means to protect data from unauthorised access and


Schréder shares a mission with its customers to create cities people love to live in. This objective is embodied in an uncompromised approach through four pillars. Going all the way to achieve those four pillars has required investing in the development of smart solutions that go beyond lighting. #whycompromise

Your character

Every city has a spirit, a soul which comes from its inhabitants, industries and ideas. Bespoke solutions flatter its unique identity and let urban streets tell their story. Schréder works with you to highlight your character.

Your community Citizens need places and moments to take a deep breath and to refocus. Lunchtime yoga in the park, a stroll over the bridge after work, exploring the night market…. The most spectacular cities come alive after dark, with special dates, events or moments. Schréder works with you to light your community.


Your environment Flora, fauna and the stars in the night sky are all a vital part of the urban experience. Badly-targeted, intense, blue-toned lighting can disturb animals, insects, plants, and our sleep. We use our expertise to innovate and create sustaining, healthy conditions for us all. Schréder works with you to respect your environment.

Your future For over a century, Schréder has been helping cities reduce their energy consumption and using durable materials. We’re working with urban partners worldwide to create business models, systems and lighting solutions that ensure coming generations have bright horizons, too. Schréder works with you to secure your future.


Futureproofing the investment

Customer profile Lighting manager wanting to connect the entire lighting scheme with a sustainable control solution.

Challenge Connect remotely and take control of a lighting infrastructure built over years with disparate luminaires, controllers and CMS purchased from various providers.

Solution Schréder EXEDRA reunifies the network thanks to its ability to control nodes plugged on Zhaga/NEMA sockets and luminaires from multiple manufacturers. With an API, EXEDRA can interact with third-party asset management systems to merge the whole scheme on a unique, modern, insightful and user- friendly platform.

Impact Getting rid of a dead-end situation to start a new era with a technology- agnostic solution that secures the city’s investment and cements freedom of choice for future assets.


Maximising the city branding

Customer profile Local authorities eager to preserve their heritage and its attractiveness potential.

Challenge Iconic places attract tourists, generate revenues for the local economy and contribute to the greatness of a city. But in the age of social media, a bad buzz can easily come from a photo of a neglected environment or sour posts about a disappointing urban experience. Keeping places in their best light is both a must and a challenge for a city.

Solution Schréder EXEDRA not only provides real-time monitoring of connected urban assets such as luminaires, litter bins or public WiFi. Thanks to its automation centre, you can define conditional

rules, set up alarms and automate ticketing to optimise on- site maintenance operations. All IoT devices using the same open standards for data and communication can seamlessly integrate the platform. And of course, in these iconic places, lighting can be adapted according to specific schedules to support special events.

Impact Better than an expensive advertising campaign, happy visitors and tourists provide 100% free

promotion of the city and its heritage jewels on social media, video services, blogs and other user-generated content and review platforms.


Creating harmony for the community

Customer profile Local authorities looking for sustainable development of the community.

Challenge Lovely squares and commercial streets attract residents and visitors to shops, bars and

restaurants. People are keener to spend time outside at dusk. But an uncontrolled spread of nighttime activities can conflict with the residents’ natural aspiration for quiet after bedtime.

Solution Schréder EXEDRA empowers the lighting infrastructure to positively influence behaviour and to match the human body’s natural cycles. When night falls and the squares and streets empty,

the connected luminaires adapt the lighting level and colour temperature to decrease light disturbance for citizens living in that area, to adapt to their circadian rhythms, and thus ease the biological process of going to sleep. As all of this happens seamlessly, people are naturally encouraged to leave the area and go back home.

Impact People live together in harmony: local economic activities can develop on good terms with local residents. Good practices reduce noise, crime,

vandalism and other typical urban disturbances.


Maximising both savings and safety

Customer profile Councillors for finance and security in a village.

Challenge Keeping the budget under control while providing the highest safety to citizens in places with random night activity.

Solution Schréder EXEDRA enables the creation of lighting scenarios including the most efficient dimming profiles and light-on- demand features based on sensor detection. The selection of sensor(s) to which the luminaires react and the associated configuration parameters (i.e. trigger activation delay, hold time) are easily assigned to luminaire controllers. The detection events generate useful data for decision-making regarding future investments and priorities. Impact The savings on lighting expenditures free up budget for other areas. The village also minimises its carbon footprint. With lighting levels turned up upon detection, citizens enjoy a feeling of safety and well-being when they use critical areas such as pedestrian crossings, alleys or isolated bike paths.


Protecting wildlife

Customer profile Local authorities caring for protected natural sites and fauna on their territory.

Challenge Providing the necessary lighting to citizens while minimising disturbance for light-sensitive species and insects.

Solution Schréder EXEDRA provides a flexible control solution that enables the creation of various clusters of luminaires programmed with specific scenarios

for dimming and colour temperature changes. On installation, the system imports all information related to the luminaire configurations chosen after a careful lighting study. This asset inventory feature enables the implementation of solutions optimised from a design and control point of view.

Impact The neighbourhood and the natural ecosystem coexist more harmoniously and create a sustainable community.


The factor We establish a trust-based collaboration with our customers and build open and durable relationships. The name EXEDRA embodies Schréder’s noteworthy unique customer-centric approach. There are plenty of control systems on the market, but Schréder EXEDRA has an X factor with our customers at the centre of our approach. Schréder EXEDRA aims to leave you to choose what you put at the core of the system. Your needs are specific and, in that sense, Schréder EXEDRA opens up an infinite number of possibilities. Schréder EXEDRA is about customer e X perience and e X ceeding e X pectations!


Copyright © Schréder S.A. 2022 - Executive Publisher: Stéphane Halleux - Schréder International Services S.A. - rue de Mons 3 - B-4000 Liège (Belgium) - The information, descriptions and illustrations herein are of only an indicative nature. Due to advanced developments, we may be required to alter the characteristics of our products without notice. As these may present different characteristics according to the requirements of individual countries, we invite you to consult us.

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