Schréder - Циркулярна економіка

Our strategic plan for Circular Economy

Develop products with the lowest environmental impact and be transparent about it.

Schréder’s Circular Actions

Product’s DNA • Schréder is aware that circular economy needs to be taken in account from the design stage of the luminaire. A product range is currently being developed in which circularity is fully incorporated into the luminaires’ DNA. From the concept phase, future evolutions (maintenance, upgrades, etc.) and recycling are taken into account with design guidelines that facilitate the removal of components and increase the standardisation of parts and the materials separability. Retrofit kit • Technology is evolving very quickly. Some luminaires installed 10 years ago are already outdated in terms of electronic components yet their housings are still in good condition. To solve this issue, we have developed different retrofit solutions (photometric and electronic) to insert into existing luminaires. This enables towns and cities to benefit from the latest technology at a reduced environmental cost as only obsolete components need to be replaced.

Circle Light Label • After a careful analysis of the potential circularity of our luminaires, we decided to introduce a “circular lighting”

product label. This label acts as a circular indicator for our customers. It clearly designates products that are optimised for circular economy through 12 objective criteria.

Service app • To promote the longest service life for our luminaires, we are developing a smart label program. Every step of the product lifecycle has been taken into account to provide customers with the right information and support at the right moment. Thanks to this new app, maintenance will become much easier as the specifications of the product and a list of its spare parts can be accessed at all times (with no need for a control system). Upgrades will be recommended to maintain efficiency and performance at a maximum and much more.


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