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Schréder today

Sustainability has always been one of Schréder’s four fundamental values. We have built our reputation while minimising our ecological footprint and those of our customers.

What does Schréder already do for the planet?

Long-lasting product Throughout our history, our products have always been engineered to last over time. Water, dust, impacts, vibrations, heat, wind, … everything is measured and tested to ensure that our luminaires withstand the harshest climatic and environmental conditions with the longest possible lifetime.

Technology The greatest impact of a luminaire, from an environmental point of view, lies in its operating phase, and more specifically, in the amount of energy consumed. Schréder is constantly developing new technologies to reduce energy consumption to a minimum (LED technology, optimised optics, control solutions, solar panels…).

Product design Our in-house R&D engineers are constantly working on product design to reduce the volume of materials used. Luminaires are more compact and the thickness of the casings has been decreased while remaining robust. Furthermore, we are committed to maximising the use of eco-friendly materials such as glass and second-hand aluminium castings.

Recycling Every Schréder subsidiary has a local partnership to arrange the collection, storage, transport and end-of-life treatment of lighting products in accordance with the law and local regulations. These partnerships make sure that the luminaire components are recovered to close the material loop. Moreover, Schréder can share what can be recycled and what can be done with the discarded elements.


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