Schréder - Sustainability Report 2022

We will continue to focus on our 3 long term foundational projects that will help us to deliver AN OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Flawless and digital execution

Great people

Sustainable & Local

To support all this, we live our 6 values every day: caring for customers working together entrepreneurship innovation integrity respect for people and the planet. This strategy will enable us to continue to improve our customer satisfaction while respecting people and the planet. It will enable us to grow in a stable, profitable and sustainable way, making a positive impact in all dimensions.

We are continuing our digital transformation programme, Schréder’s Way of Running Digital (SWORD), to bring the entire business onto a common and agile digital platform. SWORD is redefining and digitising our operating model to make us more agile and lean, and to deliver a great experience for our customers. SWORD also manages our products and solutions end-to-end in a digital way, which is key to efficiently meeting the diverse needs of

Our people are our greatest asset. We want to continue to co-create an environment where our passionate employees can work, celebrate, learn and have fun together. There is a strong focus on providing lifelong learning and development for our people to deliver the best customer experience and support the transition to a resilient, sustainable and connected world.

Sustainability is in our DNA and as such has been integrated into our business strategy with a focus on Planet, People and Community. In addition to driving and managing our own impact and the impact of our communities we serve, we want to partner with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals. supply chain on the environment and the We understand and value the diversity of specific needs in different markets. We are an organisation that combines local strength with global reach, and as such are able to adapt to local needs.

our customers with an outstanding customer experience.

Werner De Wolf CEO


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