Schréder - Sustainability Report 2022

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3. Business ethics In 2018, the Group Legal Department launched Schréder’s Worldwide Integrity (WIN) programme. This initiative aims to set high standards of integrity for every employee in every country where Schréder is active; at Schréder we always do business the right way. The WIN programme has an important impact on Schréder’s daily operations, core values and culture. It is based on four pillars defined by a legal risk management analysis. Each pillar is reviewed in 2-year cycles.

Code of Conduct, policies & procedures The Schréder Group adopted its Code of Conduct in 2011. It helps employees to live by the organisation’s core values and to respect the internal rules and guidelines. All employees, in all countries where Schréder operates, must understand and respect this code. In 2022, the Code of Conduct was updated, to promote our core values and to emphasise how we live these values in the workplace, in business and in the community. The Code of Conduct is available in 15 languages and has been adopted by the subsidiaries and acknowledged by Schréder employees. To support its internal governance, Schréder has also adopted policies and procedures that are part of the WIN Programme. The Delegation of Authority and Signatory sheet constitute the authorisation framework within which our employees carry out their activities on behalf of the Group companies. The Code of Conduct and the Whistleblower Policy give all employees and anyone acting on behalf of Schréder the opportunity to internally report actual or suspected breaches of the Schréder Code of Conduct, policies and laws. Concerns can also be disclosed through the “WIN Line” which provides a telephone number and web-based portal to report matters in complete confidentiality. The “WIN Line” is available to all employees, contractors, suppliers or any third party with whom Schréder does business. In 2022, thanks to all our efforts, no major ethical incidents were reported through these channels.


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