Schréder - Sustainability Report 2022


1. Occupational health and safety Work activities represent both an asset and a risk to health. Occupational hazards affecting the health and safety of staff vary according to the job. They are not the same in an industrial, administrative or commercial environment. The health and safety of our employees and all others who may be affected by our business is of the paramount importance.

In addition to complying with the legal requirements of each country in which we operate, we take a systematic approach to assessing and managing the risk of accidents, with the aim of achieving zero accidents. Every employee is fully trained for their job and receives regular refresher training. Arrangements are made for contractors and suppliers working on Schréder premises so that they can conduct their business without risk to themselves or others. Furthermore, in a “continuous improvement” approach, our manufacturing sites located in Spain, Hungary, Ukraine and China are ISO 45001 certified and we intend to extend this ISO certification to all our factories. The following processes are implemented in all ISO 45001 certified factories:

The Health and Safety Engineer (HSE) manages this task under the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Department Manager, ensuring that preventive measures are implemented, investigating work related incidents, proposing corrective and preventive actions, promoting and providing training and proposing targets. Each year, a series of actions are planned (preventive planning) to be carried out throughout the year, depending on the needs identified by the risk assessments, by legal requirements or by studying the accident rate. These actions include the implementation of specific procedures, the review of existing risk assessments, the implementation of technical protection measures, information campaigns and training, and the measurement of environmental and chemical agents. Incidents are investigated in accordance with our PS04 procedure 15 . With regard to workers at risk, all employees undergo an annual medical examination as required by law, the results of which are kept confidential and it is determined whether they are fit to work or have any restrictions. We have a specific action protocol to adapt jobs to the needs of those employees who have been assessed as fit with restrictions.



Zero accidents

At Schréder, we are committed to providing a safe working environment that promotes accident prevention and minimises exposure to health risks. Our goal is to eliminate work-related illnesses and injuries. To ensure the health and safety of our employees, we have established an occupational health and safety management system in each of our factories. In conjunction with this management system, we have issued a global health and safety policy and local health and safety procedures. The system and procedures apply to all Schréder employees (including temporary employees), contractors and visitors who may be exposed to risks at our production sites.

Risk assessment and incident investigation

We frequently carry out risk assessments for each job, workplace and machine with the help of an outsourced risk prevention service company.


(15) Action protocol in case of accident or incident

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