Schréder - Sustainability Report 2022


2. Lighting with positive social impact

Valencia Valencia has a smart city strategy that uses technology to collect data to improve sustainability and the quality of life for its citizens. In 2015, the city launched a lighting upgrade project to replace 107,000 luminaires with more energy-efficient street lights that can be managed remotely by our Schréder EXEDRA lighting management system. The lighting was designed to be sustainable and aesthetically pleasing to match the character and lighting needs of each area, with particular attention to preserving the city’s traditional round lanterns. The lighting in the Albufera Natural Park was changed to a warm white light to protect the flora and fauna from disorientation caused by white-blue light. Since the lighting upgrade, the city has reduced electricity consumption by more than 75%, saving more than €6 million in energy costs in the first year and reducing greenhouse gas emissions .

With this in mind, Schréder launched the ‘Cities People Love to Live In’ campaign to raise awareness of the importance of lighting among the general public and more specifically, city managers. The campaign focuses on four main topics: respecting the unique character of each city; enhancing the sense of community in urban areas; protecting the environment ; choosing the right infrastructure to ensure brighter horizons for future generations.

As urban populations grow, so do citizens’ expectations. Bigger, denser cities need better management, so it makes sense to invest in the latest technology for urban systems. The next generation of city dwellers want safe, welcoming and attractive spaces that also provide a strong sense of identity. The right lighting can help build communities. When cities create safe, welcoming spaces where people want to spend time, economic and social interaction naturally increases. Pleasant lighting and street furniture with safety features foster a sense of safety and comfort for everyone who wants to use the city after dark. The most spectacular cities come alive at night, with landmark buildings bathed in colour for special dates, events or moments. Lighting also plays a vital role in improving the quality of life for citizens. The right lighting improves safety in public spaces, making people feel more comfortable and confident walking or commuting at night. It also improves visibility and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in critical areas.


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