Schréder - Sustainability Report 2022


3. Training & education Schréder’s internal training academy, known as SKILL (Sharing Knowledge In Light and Lighting), was created to enhance the skills of its employees and stakeholders in order to successfully navigate the changes in the lighting market, including smart lighting and new control systems. SKILL also works with other departments to develop e-learning and online courses on Schréder’s internal policies and organisation, including onboarding tools for new employees, training on anti-bribery and anti- corruption, and compliance with competition laws. To support the growth and development of our employees, Schréder offers a range of external training opportunities. These programmes are designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of individuals, groups and departments, whether it be for languages or IT skills. The company also offers large-scale training programmes on a variety of important topics, such as fork-lift truck driving, health and safety, working at heights and understanding assembly processes for factory workers. Each plant manages these training programmes locally to ensure that they align with their specific needs. In 2022, the total number of training hours was 4,125 12 , with an average of 2.4 hours (4,125 / 1,721). The number of digital training hours has decreased from 2020, mainly due to the easing of pandemic restrictions and the availability of vaccines which have made face-to-face meetings safer and more feasible, thus reducing the time spent in front of digital devices. Schréder’s sales force, the group with the most hours of training, is now able to meet with customers in person again. As a result, sales teams have shifted their focus back to face-to-face interactions, leading to a significant reduction in digital training hours.

Total number of employees receiving training 1,721 13 Training and education E-learning hours

Number of hours of training by job category

Sales Applications FAEs Internal Sales Operations Other




Seminar hours


Webinar training hours


Total number of hours





In 2022, we also launched GoodHabitz, an online learning platform that provides a wide range of courses and training programmes for individuals and organisations, to support the development of our employees. The platform offers a variety of engaging courses on topics such as IT skills, management and leadership, personal development, communication, and more. Our goal is to train 90% of eligible employees on GoodHabitz.


‘Other’ includes: Finance, Design, Research, IT, Human Resources, Purchasing, Communication, Production Engineering, General Management, Marketing, Quality, Custom Design, Validation, SET (Schréder Executive Team), Legal, Education, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), Regional Directors, Branding.

In addition to the Schréder internal training academy platform and the new GoodHabitz training platform, local entities organise regular training focused on the specific needs of their employees. Each country is free to assess its local training needs and create programmes that develop the local strengths that our customers value in Schréder.

(12) Concerns the hours related to trainings given to white collar employees, not including HR trainings or specific trainings organised by local entities (13) White collar employees


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