Schréder - Sustainability Report 2022


2. Circular design Many of the lighting solutions we installed in the 1970s are still working and we are very proud of this achievement. As part of our on-going mission to develop products with the lowest possible environmental impact, we decided to integrate circularity concepts into the design of our luminaires. Circularity is the second objective of the “Together for our Planet” pillar of our global sustainability programme. Circle Light Label As a global lighting company, we are a member of various standardisation bodies related to LED luminaires, light engines, modules and sensing/communication modules. As there is currently no standard certification for circular economy compliance in the lighting industry, we decided to create one internally. When measuring the circularity of our luminaires, we take into account circular economy aspects such as lifetime, durability, repairability, upgradeability and recycling potential. Depending on the design, the luminaire receives a score for each criteria and an overall score, which is reflected in the number of stars. The highest rating is 4 stars. Our target for 2022 was to ensure that 80% of our new developments achieved 4 stars. We are proud to have exceeded this target with a result of 90%.

In the next phase, we want to develop this tool further to provide us with an on-going technical challenge. In 2023, we plan to introduce new rating categories and update our scoring system so that our luminaires are assessed against even stricter standards. Finally, we are also looking for international standards that our process could meet. We intend to have our process certified once we have identified the right standard.

extracting raw materials

2022 Targets 80%

parts supply


New developments must achieve 4 stars for Schréder’s Circle Light Label

parts harvesting





New products scored 4 stars. We also analysed the high-runners in our portfolio and 24 of the 45 luminaires scored 4 stars


incineration & landfill


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