Schréder - Sustainability Report 2022


II. Logistics The second major source of GHG emissions from our operations is logistics, which accounts for 15% of our total company emissions. At Schréder, we purchase a wide range of components, including aluminium, glass protectors, drivers and controllers from various suppliers to produce our luminaires. They are classified as either Group suppliers or local suppliers. Group suppliers represent over 80% of our total spend and work with the Schréder Group purchasing team. In total, 70% of these suppliers are located in Europe. The factories are in direct contact with the local suppliers who are usually located nearby. We successfully completed the Hermes project 2 in 2021, and since then we have maintained an optimised supply chain flow between our factories and sales units. This has not only helped us reduce our logistics costs, but also reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting our goods. We are currently working on the next phase to optimise our inbound flow as well, which we will complete by 2024. In addition to optimising the supply chain flow, we have also been working on optimising packaging to ensure the best compromise between packaging material consumption and transport load capacity. One of our successful projects in 2022 was the improvement of the IZYLUM packaging. The redesign solved the problem of double stacking the pallets without risking damage to the luminaires. Since the implementation, we only send fully loaded trucks with IZYLUM products from Ukraine to Western Europe.

In 2021, we had achieved a 18% reduction in logistics-related GHG emissions compared to 2018, and in 2022 we almost doubled this to 33%, although this significant reduction from 2021 to 2022 is largely due to a huge increase in lumens sold over the same period.

Logistics emissions By transport mode



Road Non-road

13.2 Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning.


(2) Optimising the supply chain flow between our factories and our sales entities in Europe

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