Schréder - Sustainability Report 2022

Our Sustainability Strategy

The main objective of the workshops was to ensure that our sustainability strategy is aligned with the most important issues for our stakeholders, to reflect on the most pressing sustainability challenges and to develop ambitions, targets and actions to improve our impact. We also invited external experts to ensure objectivity and independent professional advice. Another objective of the workshops was to update our materiality assessment based on input from our various stakeholders, and to ensure the alignment of our updated material issues with the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), similar to the first materiality assessment in 2019. Changes in material topics The most recent addition to the materiality ranking is ‘meeting regulations’. We are also pleased to note that the market is evolving, particularly in the European regulatory framework, where the obligation to take action on sustainability will become increasingly important in the near future. We also pay close attention to the evolution of the regulatory framework that affects our day-to-day business. We are committed to being prepared and ready for change.

Most relevant SDGs

Most relevant material topics

SDG 17 SDG 16 SDG 15 SDG 14 SDG 13 SDG 12 SDG 11 SDG 10 SDG 09 SDG 08 SDG 07 SDG 06 SDG 05 SDG 04 SDG 03 SDG 02 SDG 01

Product efficiency Climate change Sustainable procurement Quality of life Innovation Meeting regulations Fair business and growth Resource scarcity Energy consumption Light pollution Biodiversity - protecting flora and fauna Education, talent management Human rights

Well-being of our employees Diversity, equity, discrimination

0 0510 15202530

0 0510 152025303540

Sustainable Development Goals


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