Schréder - asortiman proizvoda za arhitektonsko osvetljenje

With a century-long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Schéder pushes the limits of smart lighting. We are broadening our expertise to not only light the urban environment but also provide more services to interact with public spaces and the people in them.

We help local authorities establish open, interoperable platforms and provide easy-to- integrate infrastructure that not only improves the quality of life in cities but also the quality of democracy. We care about taxpayers’ money and provide the best cost/benefit for citizens. Hence we encourage more effective use of public finances by integrating public policies and operational cost reductions through new technologies. We stimulate active, open and inclusive participation of actors belonging to a city’s innovation eco-system, to foster the social, environmental and economic development of businesses and citizens. We strive to create inclusive environments that stimulate accessibility for people with disabilities, encourage gender and ethnic equity, and bring new opportunities to vulnerable places in cities. We encourage and implement training initiatives for citizens, planners and public managers on lighting & smarter cities in an open, transparent and non-biased way.

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