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Powerful ground recessed floodlight for illumination and ground lighting

TERRA Midi LED is a ground recessed floodlight equipped with 8 to 24 high- power LEDs. Fitted with lenses that offer various types of photometric applications from very concentrated to very diffuse beams as well as asymmetrical LensoFlex ® 2 lighting distributions, TERRA Midi LED is perfect for lighting the façades of old and contemporary buildings, architectural details, statues and monuments, flags and banners, treetops, bridges, overpasses, etc. An aluminium body with a round brushed stainless steel frame houses the electrical and electronic accessories as well as the photometric engine. The protector, in tempered glass with a thickness of 15mm, is capable of withstanding a static load of 4,000kg (glass version). TERRA Midi LED is supplied pre-wired to facilitate assembly and guarantee its high tightness level over time since it is not necessary to open the floodlight.

TERRA Midi LED Typical luminaire output flux (white LEDs)

900 to 4,800lm

Power consumption

9.7 to 38.1W

Colour temperature

Warm white (730, 830, 835), neutral white (740, 742), cool white 757 Symmetrical (16°-22°-36°-76°) or asymmetrical (105°-129°-140°-156°) beams

Light distributions

Nominal voltage

220-240V / 50-60Hz

Surge protection


IP 68 IK 10

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