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Complying with the strictest environmental regulations

Each country, if not each region, has its own environmental regulations. They can be more or less strict and focus on certain specific criteria. All of them are largely inspired by the EU green public procurement policy for road lighting, issued in 2019. Regulation strives to: Limit ULOR to max. 1%;

Reduce glare: at least 95% of the light emission is confined to angles below 14.5 degrees from the horizontal; Restrict the emission of blue light with CCT <3000K; Restrain the amount of light to less than 35lm/m 2 ; Prohibit intrusive lighting towards dwellings and any kind of lighting of waterways and the sea.

The PureNight certification software developed by Schréder guarantees that your lighting solution satisfies environmental laws and requirements . Schréder has its own certified laboratory and is also endorsed by numerous independent certification bodies.

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