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OWLET IV: the state-of-the-art wireless controllers designed for EXEDRA

OWLET IV luminaire controllers operate Schréder’s luminaires and luminaires from third parties. They offer easy installation and have fast plug-and-play commissioning. OWLET IV controllers use both cellular and mesh radio networks, optimising geographical coverage

cybersecurity mechanisms to protect the deployment in the city and provide accurate power outage information to the city’s streetlight managers. OWLET IV controllers are managed with EXEDRA, Schréder’s advanced smart lighting management platform.

and redundancy for continuous operation . DATALIFTs use mesh network to aggregate information from a cluster of MESHNODEs, and forward this on to the IoT platform using cellular connectivity. Among other features, OWLET IV controllers use advanced

Connected with

FEATURES > Hybrid architecture: local mesh (MESHNODEs and DATALIFTs) and cellular communication (DATALIFTs) > Gateway-less hybrid network architecture using WI-SUN mesh network & cellular connectivity > Built-in GPS and built-in photocell to control each luminaire based on local ambient light level

> Embedded self-test capability to check installation > Offers responsive light-on-demand use cases triggered by local sensors > Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update > End-to-end encrypted communication

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