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Schréder EXEDRA LightSync : continuous adjustment of lighting levels to actual conditions

Schréder EXEDRA LightSync is an innovative service offered by the Schréder EXEDRA platform. It uses real-time data to continuously adjust the lighting level of a group of luminaires based on local traffic and weather conditions. With Schréder EXEDRA LightSync, cities can achieve the perfect balance between the safety and well-being of citizens, convenience and the sustainable use of outdoor lighting infrastructure. Schréder EXEDRA LightSync uses georeferencing to collect environmental data and analyses factors such as traffic and weather via the Schréder EXEDRA platform. This information is used to calculate the appropriate lighting level and control commands are sent to all the luminaires in the group. The system retrieves updated data up to every 15 minutes, ensuring a rapid response to changes in the environment. If data is unavailable, the lighting level reverts to the pre-defined control program until data becomes available.

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