Schréder - Smart and sustainable lighting solutions

Preserving the ecosystem

Fauna and flora can suffer from high light intensity, the colour spectrum (blue light) and excessive lighting over time. Only experts can minimise the disturbance to the different species of fish, insects and endangered animals . Trees and hedgerows are natural environments for bats, while rivers and canals are also important for foraging. Certain species of bat are very sensitive to light. Light pollution, i.e. excessive lighting and uncontrolled light spill, contributes significantly to insect mortality. The Schréder PureNight photometry meets dark- sky specifications (0% ULOR and 2200K) and take advantage of accessories (backlight control and glare limiter) to focus the light only where it is needed. Schréder’s FlexiWhite solution combines dimming and colour temperature changes according to fixed or on-demand scenarios with sensors for safe and environmentally-friendly lighting . The IP66 design of our luminaires prevent insects from entering and being captured in the housing. With low driving current, the outer surface of the housing maintains a low temperature, preventing insects from dying from the heat. With the right luminaire design, photometry, colour temperature and dimming scenario, Schréder protects wildlife and contributes to the preservation of the ecosystem.


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